The Reich-Japan war was a conflict between the Empire of Japan and the Third German Reich which lasted a little over seven months. Although this was a relatively short conflict it was the most violent in Human history (only World War 3 was more bloody) with a higher death and casualty toll than every other major war combined (including the Small War and World War 2). Chemical, nuclear and biological weaponry were used at a massive rate by each side and in its wake it annihilated both armies and local populations. As seen by many historians the war was an extreme irony as Germany, who wanted to remove Japan and ensure its domination ended the war with its armies destroyed, its gene pool depleted by radiation and its only ally crushed. The war ended in a stalemate with both sides going back to their original borders. By the time the war ended the United States of the America had been created through the lack of troops to occupy America. The Axis had slit their own throats.

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