Rehoboam of Israel
King of Israel

Rehoboam of Israel.png
King of Israel
King of Israel
Reign 931 BC - 913 BC
Predecessor Solomon of Israel
Successor Abijah of Israel
Spouses 18 wives, including Maacah, daughter of Absalom, David's son, and 60 concubines
House House of David
Father Solomon of Israel
Mother Naamah the Ammonite
Born 974 BC
Died 913 BC
Religion Judaism

Rehoboam of Israel, (Jerusalem 974 BC - Jerusalem 913 BC) was the fourth king of the Kingdom of Israel, mainly mentioned in the Bible. He ruled 18 years Israel, between 931 BC and 913 BC.

During his early reign, Rehoboam had to face the invasion of the Egyptian armies in 926 BC; the first battles favored the armies of Egypt, but quickly the Israelites recovered and managed to defeat the army of Pharaoh. After the victory (in 919 BCE), and the annexation of the Sinai Peninsula, Rehoboam began a process of reconstruction of the kingdom, after the development of a seven-year war against Egypt. Among the plans for reconstruction, were building a long series of ways for communicating the kingdom, which was in a deplorable situation after the war.

As mentioned in the Bible, Rehoboam followed the practices of his father Solomon and his grandfather David, "paying homage to the almighty God, Yahweh". Rehoboam died in 913 BC, after having ruled 18 years over Israel; his successor would be his son Abijah.

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