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The Republic of Chile is a unitary state. For the interior government and administration within the State, the territory has been divided into 20 regions (Spanish: regiones).

Atlas of Chile (Central World)

Atlas of the Republic of Chile.


Chile is divided into 20 Regions, each headed by an Intendant appointed by the president. The regions are further divided into provinces, with provincial governors also appointed by the president. Finally each province is divided into communes, which are administered by municipalities, each with its own mayor and council elected for four year terms.

Flags Region Spanish Capital OTL Incorporation
No flag Tacna Región de Tacna Tacna Tacna Region and Moquegua Region 1930 (formally annexed)
1883 (occupation under the Treaty of Ancón)
Flag of Arica & Parinacota, Chile Arica-Parinacota Región de Arica y Parinacota Arica Arica-Parinacota Region 1930 (formally annexed)
1883 (occupation under the Treaty of Ancón)
Flag of Tarapaca, Chile Tarapaca Región de Tarapaca Iquique Tarapaca Region 1883
Flag of Antofagasta Region, Chile Antofagasta Región de Antofagasta Antofagasta Antofagasta Region, and a small part of Salta Province. 1884 (Pacto de Tregua)
1904 (formally annexed by the Treaty of Peace and Friendship)
Flag of Atacama, Chile Atacama Región de Atacama Copiapo Atacama Region, and an parts of Catamarca and La Rioja Provinces.
Flag of Coquimbo Region, Chile Coquimbo Región de Coquimbo La Serena Coquimbo Region and a part of San Juan Province
Flag of Easter Island Region Pacific Islands Region Región de las Islas del Pacifico (o Islas Esporádicas) Hanga Roa Easter Island, Juan Fernández Islands, Sala y Gómez Island and the Desventuradas Islands
Flag of Valparaiso Region, Chile Valparaiso Región de Valparaiso Valparaiso Valparaiso Region, without Islas Esporádicas
Flag of the Metropolitan Region, Chile Santiago Metropolitan Region Región Metropolitana de Santiago Santiago of Chile Santiago Metropolitan Region
Flag of East Andes Region (CW) East Andes (or Mendoza) Región de los Andes del Este (o Región de Mendoza) Malargue Part of Mendoza Province 1969
Flag of O'Higgins Region, Chile O'Higgins Región del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins Rancagua O'Higgins Region
Flag of Maule, Chile Maule Región del Maule Talca Maule Region
Flag of Biobío Region, Chile Bio-Bio Región del Bio-Bio Concepción Bio-Bio Region
Flag of La Araucania, Chile Araucania Región de la Araucanía Temuco Araucania Region
No flag Neuquén Región de Neuquén San Martín de los Andes Part of Neuquen Province 1969
Flag of Los Ríos, Chile Los Rios Región de Los Rios Valdivia Los Rios Region
Flag of Los Lagos Region, Chile Los Lagos Región de Los Lagos Puerto Montt Los Lagos Region and an small parts of the Chubut and Río Negro Provinces
Flag of Aysen, Chile Aisén Región de Aisén Coihaique Aisén Region, and part of the Chubut Province
No flag Santa Cruz (or Patagonia) Región de Santa Cruz (o de la Patagonia) Rio Gallegos Part of the Santa Cruz Province 1969
Flag of Magallanes, Chile Magallanes Región de Magallanes y de la Antarctica Chilena Punta Arenas Magallanes and Antarctica Chilena Region, Tierra del Fuego Province 1969 (East Tierra del Fuego)

List of Current Intendants