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A map of Balleny's municipalities. Click to enlarge.

The nation of Balleny Islands, which exists within the Realm of New Zealand, is divided into four administrative regions. These regions are subdivided into 15 municipalities, each of which elects an MP to the Ballenian Parliament.


Each region is governed by a Regional Council (named the City Council in Sabrina), whose members are elected by local districts. The party with the most seats becomes the incumbent regional government, and selects the Council President. Regional Councils have little administrative and legislative power, as Balleny's government is very centralized. Each Region has its own police force, school district, and various other state-funded facilities.

Municipalities are purely legislative divisions; they have no function other than to elect MPs.

List of Regions

Name Location Municipalities Population Area
(sq km)
Governing party
Young Young and Borradaile islands 3 PPT
Buckle Buckle island excluding Sabrina 4 Alliance
Sabrina City of Sabrina and Sabrina Island 3 Alliance
Sturge Sturge and surrounding islands 5 NWP

List of Municipalities

Name Region Location Population Area
MP's Party
Upland Young Northern half of Young Island PPT
Borradaile Young Southeast Young Island; Borradaile Island PPT
Enderby Young Central and Southwest Young Island PPT
Channel Buckle Northern Buckle Island Independence
Buckle Coast Buckle Western Buckle Island Alliance
Douglas and Notch Buckle Central and Eastern Buckle Island Alliance
Freeman's Stead Buckle Region surrounding the City of Sabrina Alliance
Midtown Sabrina Western district of Sabrina; Sabrina Island Alliance
Sabrina Docks Sabrina Southeastern district of Sabrina Alliance
Lancaster Sabrina Inland (Northern) district of Sabrina Independence
Cliffside Sturge Northeast coast of Sturge Alliance
Raleigh Sturge South and Southeast coast of Sturge NWP
Peaks and Holmesburg Sturge Southern interior of Sturge NWP
Cape Winchester Sturge North and West coast of Sturge Independence
North Eliza Sturge Northern interior of Sturge NWP

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