1849 AD: Zachary Taylor offers Abraham Lincoln governership of the quickly growing Oregon Territory. Though his common sense, and his wife tell him no, he sees an opportunity to lead an important frontier territory, and takes the job. After his term as governor is up, he and his family, now settled and content decide to remain here, while Lincoln practices law for the forseeable future. Later, on the east coast, without the firm hand of Lincoln to guide the Union through the Civil War, the Union lost the Battle of Antietam, thus giving the Confederacy the support of the British Crown. The Union was now in the hands of "Union or Die" politicians, who threw all they had at the Confederacy, and lost. 1869 AD: The Union is history. The Confederacy controls all land from the Carolinas, to Florida, to Louisiana. The UK has annexed a fair part of New England and the Northern USA. The California Republic has been formed, able to withstand the loss of the US. In between are lawless regions, where small nation-states and lawless regions struggle to pick up the pieces of the United States. Shall you pilot a new nation, to rise up from the ashes of the Union, or pick an older nation, one that is ready to expand and take new land. The choice is yours!

This map game concept unites the established nation map games (Principia Moderni, Vive La Revolution!, etc.), with the unestablished nation ones (Radioactive Tide, Battle For Earth). You may create your own nation (be plausible of course!), or use an established one (experienced map game players, used to playing superpowers). Though I stink at creating map games, so I'd need quite a few mods to help, who have experience with this. Bfoxius (talk) 00:51, August 31, 2012 (UTC)

This Map Game is a work in progress, discuss this on the talk page.

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