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John has had enough of dealing with German politics, and is ready to simply go back to Ireland and forget most of this had happened.

The Nazis are able to gain power in Germany, even without Hitler, under Hermann Göring. Although an anti-Semite, Göring doesn't try to solve the "Jewish Question", although subtle pressure forces those Jews with wealth to leave Germany, most traveling to either the Soviet Union or the US.

In 1938, a coup by the German army, dissatisfied with re-armament by Göring, topples the Nazis, and re-installs Kaiser Wilhelm II. The Soviet Union and the West, fearing now that the war-like German state has the symbol of militarism in command again, that they will bring war to Europe once more. However, were they willing to launch a preemptive strike?

Created by Lieut. Tbguy1992: Profile; Talk 06:00, September 16, 2012 (UTC)

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