Previous Killer goes to Britain for support (CYOAH)

You look at him, but realize that he may have just been a crazy man with a lot of money, or possibly a German sympathizer. Anyway, you had done your real job, kill Hitler, so their really is nothing keeping you here. The next chance you get, you find a boat for Dublin, and sail home.

But, fifteen years later, you realize that maybe it was wrong to not follow the rich man. Himmler and the Nazi Party have risen to power, and have just annexed Austria, the Sudetenland, and Danzig, by 1939 mostly out of fear for the Nazi War Machine, lead by fearsome Panzer divisions and the screaming Stuka dive bombers of the Luftwaffe. Their invasion of Poland in the spring of 1941, followed by the Blitzkrieg of the Low Countries, France and Scandinavia in the Summer, after which was proceeded by the invasion of Great Britain and Ireland that fall, now means that Germany stands over all of Europe with an iron fist.

Now, their are knocks on the door. The SS has finally tracked you down for the murder of their Führer in 1927. As you try to reach for the escape to the country side, a blast of machine gun fire from the wind strikes you down. As you fall to floor, all your mind can think of is: "What if?..."


Created by Tbguy1992 19:22, August 6, 2010 (UTC)

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