The Reform Party is a political party of the Confederate States, founded in 1954. It is one of the two major parties in the country, along with the Conservative Party. The party has contested ten presidential elections, winning six.

Presidential candidates

Successful candidates are highlighted in bold:
  • 1957: J. William Fulbright (Arkansas) and Estes Kefauver (Tennessee)
  • 1963: John B. Connally (Texas) and J. Terry Sanford (North Carolina)
  • 1969: George C. Wallace (Alabama) and Dale L. Bumpers (Arkansas)
  • 1975: William E. Brock (Tennessee) and Reubin O. Askew (Florida)
  • 1981: Lloyd M. Bentsen (Texas) and D. Robert Graham (Florida)
  • 1987: Lloyd M. Bentsen (Texas) and Richard C. Shelby (Alabama)
  • 1993: Reubin O. Askew (Florida) and Ann Richards (Texas)
  • 1999: Ann Richards (Texas) and Charles S. Robb (Virginia)
  • 2005: John R. Edwards (North Carolina) and Samuel A. Nunn (Georgia)
  • 2011: Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas) and James H. Webb (Virginia)

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