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During summer 1944, not one, but two operations were launched with the intent of preventing Communist takeover in France. Operation Dragoon had the intent of preventing the large Communist portion of the French Resistance seizing power in Vichy; and Charles de Gaulle's drive to Paris was as much about liberating the city as it was stopping the Communists there, too.

Had those two operations gone wrong, or had the Communists had a little more time, then all of European history could be drastically rewritten.

POD: Philippe Petain, Pierre Laval, and Fernand de Brinnon, amongst other members of the collaborationist regime, are killed by Resistance members on August 11th, 1944.

The ensuing political turmoil would create a Communist-controlled Southern France as well as a sizable Parisian Commune. Loyalties to the Soviet Union were quickly cut, with the western Allies breathing down their neck. After a difficult birth, the Communist French found an ally in the two other independent Communist states in Europe: Yugoslavia, under Tito, and a Red Greece under the former Communist resistance forces. Their alliance would create a socialist Southern Bloc around the Mediterranean that would radically alter European politics, east-west relations, and the course of history.

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