The Redeclaration was a controversial decision by the United States Congress to redeclare the War of 1812 after the 1814 Treaty of Ghent. The Redeclaration was made in March 1815, after Napoleon had returned to France providing the ideal distraction for Great Britain. The main factor in the decision was the rogue British General Edward Pakanham, who many Americans believed was following orders by refusing to relinquish New Orleans.

The Southern States supported the Redeclaration the most, as they did not want a permanent British presence in New Orleans. The northern States, particularly New England, opposed the Redeclaration, even considering secession from the Union. However, only Massachusetts officially seceded in July, forming the Republic of Massachusetts. The British army did not yet know about the secession, and treated Massachusetts as they did everywhere else. The British army took Boston in September.

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