Rede Tupi


Broadcast television network


San Paulo


18 September 1950; 65 years ago


Tupi, alegrando São Paulo há 65 anos.
(Tupi, cheering San Paulo over 65 years.)


São Paulo, San Paulo


Diários Associados

UHF channels

Channel 4 (São Paulo & DB)
Channel 3 (São Miguel)
Channel 3 (Paraná)
Channel 7 (São Pedro do Rio Grande)
Channel 2 (São João del-Rei)
Channel 2 (Minas de Ouro)
Channel 2 (Goiás)
Channel 4 (Mato Grosso)
Channel 15 (Amazonas)
Channel 1 (Bandeirante)
Channel 3 (Piratininga)

First air date

18 September 1950

Market Share


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Portuguese language

Rede Tupi (Also known as TV Tupi or formally as Rádio Difusora São Paulo S.A.; Tupi Network). The network is owned by Diários Associados, who formed the Rede de Emissoras Associadas. Rede Tupi was founded and launched on September 18, 1950 by Assis Chateaubriand in São Paulo, initially broadcasting on Tupi Television Channel 3, whose first broadcast was on September 20 of that year. Rede Tupi was later broadcast in 1960 on Tupi Television Channel 4 after the inauguration of TV Cultura (Culture TV), Channel 2, Rede Associada (Associated Network), and also a TV Station from Associadas. Their competitors were Rede Record, Channel 7, and Rede Excelsior (Network Excelsior).

In Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), TV Tupi was broadcast on Tupi Channel 6, and had its own station and studios there. In Goiânia, TV Tupi was retransmitted by TV Porto Alegre on Channel 7. In Salvador (Brazil), TV Tupi was retransmitted by TV Tupi, on Channel 6. Other TV Stations were formed by the Rede de Emissoras Associadas (Network of Associated Broadcasters), all Tupi affiliates and directly operated stations.