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Red Sea Republic
الشبكة جمهورية
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Tadjourah Region of Djibouti
Flag of South Red Sea No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of South Red Sea Republic
The Red Sea Republic location in green

من الصحراء إلى المحيط (Arabic (Somali dialect))

Anthem "الشبكة مارس" (Arabic)
"The Red Sea March"
Capital Tadjourah
Largest city Tadjourah
Other cities `Assa Gaila
Arabic (Somali dialect)
  others Afar, Somali
  others Christianity, Judaism, Traditional African
Demonym Red Sea Statesman
Government Single-party republican state
  legislature State Convention
President Andile Harith
Population 83,200 
Independence November 16, 1954
The Red Sea Republic (Arabic: الشبكة جمهورية), also known as the South Red Sea State, is a nation-state located on the horn of Africa. With it's capital at Tadjourah, it is surrounded completely by the Ethiopian Empire, and has a coastline along the Indian Ocean Sea (despite the fact that the state derives it's name from the coastline it once had along the Red Sea).

The Red Sea state is often classified as militaristic pariah state, with its borders closed off with the neighbouring Ethiopian state, and international trade limited to those of the Arabian peninsula.

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