Red Sea Incident
Date 29th October 1574 – 28th March 1575
Location Tondo, Kingdom of Tondo
  • Lin Feng dies, enemy forces capitulate
  • Wokou invasion of Tondo is repelled
Kingdom of Tondo
Kingdom of Namayan
Kingdom of Selurong
Bruneian Sultanate
Wokou pirates
Commanders and leaders
Rajah Sulayman Lin Feng
15,000 10,000
Casualties and losses
20,000 (civilian)

The Red Sea Incident (Han: 的事件的红海; 서시잔서종하이, tr. Soushijan Soujonghai) was an armed conflict that was fought in the Hanyang Bay area from 29th October 1574 until 28th March 1575. It was fought between Wokou pirates led by Lin Feng and a Bruneian-led coalition comprising of its vassals Tondo, Selurong and Namayan.

The battle first occurred when Lin Feng landed on the city of Selurong; which at the time was a Bruneian vassal along with the neighbouring polities of Namayan and Tondo. Claiming to be leading a group of Japanese merchants wishing to trade with Tondo, he was granted access to the city's core, where he then assaulted and massacred the disorganised locals. Enraged, Brunei hastily sent a fleet to assist the locals, though by their arrival, the pirates had already occupied the whole of the Hanyang Bay area.

However, the unexpected death of Lin Feng, and the arrival of a thousand Ilocano and Pangasinese mercenaries, would lead to the defeat of the wokou and a victory for the Bruneian-led coalition. The relative death and destruction that followed the conflict would renew nationalist and anti-Bruneian sentiment among the Tagalogs, who would later oust the House of Sulayman and remove Bruneian influence following Bruneian defeat in the Bruneian–Spanish War.