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                  Red Rising

1916: Adolf Hitler dies when an artillery shell lands on his position.

1923: The Communist Revolution spreads through Eastern Europe.

1938: U.S.S.R begins building its army into the hundreds of thousands.

1941: Several Latin Nations undergo Communist coups, are immediately annexed.

1943: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt orders atomic bomb tests to be conducted immediately.

1948: Soviet-backed Mao Zedong leads Communist Asian revolution.

1951: Japan last non-Communist Asian nation.

1952: League of Nations create Line of Non-Communism, goes from France to Sweden.

1954: Soviet forces launch brutal attack on Italy and France, starting WWIII.

1961: John F. Kennedy orders invasion of Latin Communist Alliance or L.C.A.

1963: Japanese troops launch mass invasion of China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Russia.

1979: Soviet Union unveils massive nuclear arsenal aimed at the E.U, U.S, and Japan.

1981: U.S troops launch all-out attack in a desperate assault on Soviet Arsenal, Ronald Reagan orders NATO to arm all missiles.

1982: Soviet Union launches all 3,000 nuclear missiles in response to attack, 200 million are killed.

1983: NATO returns fire with 15,000 missiles, Soviet Union fires doomsday missile.

1984: There is no recorded history of what happens next.

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