Red Invasion

Timeline of Red Invasion


  • October - Bolsheviks took power in Russia, democratic transitional government disestablished, Kerensky-Krasnov uprising smashed by Red Guard elite troops.
  • November / December - Baltic and Caucasian republics became independent democratic states. Poland partially independent. Start of Finnish civil war.


  • January - Mikhail Nikolaevich Tukhachevsky took group of elite military experts and met with Joachim Vazietis, commander of red latvian elite rifle troops. They started building Red Army by uniting Red Guard, Red Navy and Red Latvian Rifleman Corps.
  • February - Central Powers restarted offensive against Soviet Russia. Red Army defeated in Belarus and Ukraine. Petrograd evacuated and capital transferred to Moscow.
  • March - Brest Litovsk Peace Treaty. Bolsheviks lost wide territories. Tukhachevsky became ambitious army officer and start organising special commandos for most dangerous missions. Tukhachevsky´s troops, now called Red Warriors successfully murdered general Denikin and heavly wounded admiral Kolchak.
  • April - Soviet forces regrouped on Caucasus and invaded to Azerbaijan. British expeditionary corps blocked by pro-Soviet resistance and Red Warriors reached Baku, where saved lives of all Baku Commune commissars. Thanks to lost important commander Denikin and fatal wound of commander Kornilov, White Armies crippled on Ukraine and south Russia.
  • May - Red Army send large parts of forces from South Russian front and Ukrainian front to north and east Russia. Red Warriors commandos attacked important white armies centers in Celjabinsk and Kazakhstan. 482 white officers killed by bomb attacks and assassinations. White army officers corps crippled and demoralised.
  • June - Tsar and his family were deported from Russia on Lenin direct order. Lenin became very popular for this and also he disbanded secret police Cheka. Masses of Russian peasants welcoming Red Army as liberation forces and voluntary selling their surplus under cost to soviet power.
  • July - Red Army stopped all offensives and regrouping and reforming. General Brusilov and 500 white officers defected to Red Army. Red Army built first military academies and officers training courses. Tukhachevsky Red Warriors Corps invade north Russia and thanks to experiences and good equipment, defeated British and Americans forces. Arkhangelsk liberated and all expeditionary forces retreated to Murmansk for regroup and evacuation from Russia. Red Warriors murdered generals Dieterikhs, Kappel, Drozdovsky, Markov and Yudenich on secret white army commanders meeting. Last hope of white armies for victory lost.
  • August - Tukhachevsky presented his plan for building large tanks corps of Red Army. Revolutionary War Council agreed and gave order to start this plan for year 1925. Tukhachevsky bribed 17 french and british tanks engineers for training russian engineers and creating first soviet tanks. Red Warriors invaded to Siberia and eliminated white forces in Ekaterinburg. 16 fallen soviet troops X 2 614 killed white troops. Czechoslovakian expeditionary corps stopped all enemies activities against Soviet Russia and retreated.
  • September / December - Red Warriors and Red Army cleaning last territories of Russia. Kolchak escaped from Russia, however his government ministries captured and on Trotsky order executed.


  • January / August - rebuilding of Soviet Russia. Soviet casualties and damages were very low and infrastructure was intact by war. Soviets quickly re-established all crippled connections between cities and territories.
  • August / December - Industrial output rising. Red Warriors corps send as expeditionary forces to Finland. However, they were defeated by elite Finnish warriors and retreated to Russian territory.


  • March - Poland with British and American supported declared war against Russia. Red Army shocked by large enemy invasion was defeat in Belarus and retreated from Belarus territories and western Ukrainia.
  • August - after many failures, Red Army got reinforcements from Siberia.

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