The Red Faction series takes place on Mars around the year 2070 when Earth's minerals are being depleted and humans need more of them. The series is produced by Red Studios and the first game was released in 2001 and the latest was released in 2009. The series uses the Geo-Mod 2.5.

Red Faction (2001)


Red Faction is the first game in the Red Faction franchise that was originally released in mid-2001 and later re-released for other platforms. Red Faction was also the first game to run on the Geo-Mod engine that allowed for unparalleled environmental destruction.Red Faction takes place on Mars in the year 2070. The protagonist, Douglas, is a miner who came to Mars seeking a better life away from Earth. Instead, he finds that the Francis Corporation abuses the workers and forces them to endure hazardous living conditions. A plague of an unknown origin sweeps through the colony, but Francis does nothing to halt its propagation or to provide for the sick. The story begins with Douglas witnessing another miner being brutally killed by an Ultor guard. Douglas decides to fight back and begins his quest to search for the mysterious Red Faction. After finding the Red Faction, Douglas begins to wreak havoc on Francis facilities and ends with Douglas shooting the leader of the operations.

The ending cinematic shows a soldier from the Red Rock Mining Company shaking hands with the Red Faction soldier.


Game Reporter gave Red Faction 8.7; critics say the best thing about it is the ability to destroy buildings and structures.

Red Faction II (2002)

Red Faction II is the sequel to Red Faction. The game was released in October 2002 and early 2003. Red Faction II is an earth based FPS that mostly deviated from the story set in Red Faction, only keeping minor plot details. Many new features had been added to the original game's sequel. Among these are new and evolved weapons and improved visuals.


Red Faction II takes place in 2075, the protagonist, Alias, is a genetically enhanced super soldier formerly employed by the Francis Company. Nanotechnology developed by Dr. Capek has fallen into the hands of the tyrannical Red Rock Company, who uses it to modify their small, but powerful army. Alias fights alongside the reborn Red Faction and searches for the data of nano-technology. He finds it inside the headquarters of the Red Rock Company and after the long and bloody battle, the Red Faction seizes the data and retreats from the headquarters.

The ending cinematic shows Alias standing over a burial ground for both Red Faction members and Red Rock soldiers.


Game Reporter gave the game 7.5 and critics once again enjoyed the destruction of buildings and the improved graphics and weapons.

Red Faction: Guerrilla (2009)

Red Faction: Guerrilla is the third installment of the Red Faction franchise. The game assumes a third person point of view and an open world to play in. The game was released on some platforms on June 2, 2009, seven years after its predecessor and featured a vastly different gameplay system.


Red Faction: Guerrilla takes place in the year 2120 and the Red Rock Mining Company expands into the Red Rock Corporation and the Red Rock Defense Force as its army. The Red Faction must rise again to fight the oppressors and free Mars once and for all. The main character is Daniel Mason, an former Marine from the US transferred to Mars as part of the Defense Force, but Mason actually came to destroy the Red Rock Corporation. The plot begins when the Red Rock Defense Force forceful intrude his home and try to take him prisoner, Daniel resist and kills all four, takes their guns, and runs off to find the Red Faction. Daniel participates on raids, freeing hostages, and blowing RRDF equipment and buildings up.


Red Faction: Guerrilla received 8.5 and critics like the free roam, weapons and the vehicles that are able to use in the game.

Red Faction: Armageddon (2011)

Red Faction: Armageddon is the fourth installment of the series and is currently the latest game in the series. The game assumes third-person, has GeoMod in it, and have walkers and vehicles. This game, however, does not include free-roam like in its predecessors.


Red Faction: Armaggedon takes place in the year 2134 after a saboteur against the Red Faction disables the terraformer. This results in violent storms and meteor showers that forces the inhabitants into the mines and caves built by their ancestors. The player releases an ancient aline group and the player must go to the center of all the chaos to destroy them.


Red Faction: Armageddon received 7.5 and critics like all the weapons and vehicles in the game; however, they did not like the game with out free-roam, giving it its score.

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