Principia Moderni Red Claw

The symbol of the Red Claw. It is left at the site of every Red Claw attack.

he Red Claw is a terrorist collectivist nation that attacks capitalist and other non-collectivist nations. They are believed to be based in the People's Republic of France.

Secret attacks

The gang was originally in Russia. There they sabotaged the European Saturn V rocket tht would go to the moon. They also caused the malfunction of the Danish orbital craft, the Circle, which would have taken the first man to orbit. Soon they began to branch out to several countries. After the the revolution in France, they fled there and began to openly attack other nations. However, they first passed through Scandinavia on their journey to France.

Recent attacks

Their first open attack was the 21 March Attacks on the Scandinavian Senate Hall. They claimed responsibility almost immediately by sending the President a letter.

Soon they began to attack other national entities. An attack on the Imperial Court failed but injured seven justices. They then turned to attacks on the public.

They began raiding ScanTrak trains going from Norway to Sweden. The first attack resulted in half the train escaping after unhitching the raided cars from the rest of the train. The remainder of the passengers were taken hostage. ScanTrak paid half the ransom, resulting in the deaths of three people. The government then paid off the rest.

Soon they spread to the British Isles, attacking Welsh General Assembly while in session and several other government buildings.

As the attacks increased, they spread into Asia, attempting to kill the Nipponese Emperor. This failed.

Soon, Bharat, Nippon, Scandinavia, and the Brythonic Commonwealth engaged in a joint project to purge the Red Claw from the world. This is currently ongoing.

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