What if... Russia had started WW-II?


  • January 4, Stalin begins a massive Technology hunt.
  • January 5, Russia gains over 4,000 recruits for the Russian Military.
  • January 6, Russia starts talks with Japan.
  • January 8, Communist Militias starts rising in Japan.
  • January 9, Soviet-Japanese pact is made. Improved relations between the two nations.
  • January 13, Socialist uprising starts in Japan.
  • January 15, Russia begins to start sending aid to the Socialist Militia of Japan.
  • January 16, Russia gains five new technologies.
  • January 20, Sweden, Norway and Finland sign the Scandanavian pact.
  • January 25, Fascist troops of Japan in Tokyo fire at a crowd, ending with 200 people being shot (178 killed, 22 wounded).
  • February 2, Communist troops in China capture Nanking, the Republic of China's capital.
  • February 9, The United States sends supplies to the Republic of China, not caring about Japan (The US hates both Fascism and Socialism).
  • February 10, Russian assassins spread across the world to their assigned targets: Mussolini (Italy), Hitler (Germany), Franklin Roosevelt (US), Winston Churchill (Great Britain), Emperor Hirohito (Japan), and Albert Lebrun (France) 
  • February 12, All leaders, except Mussolini survive the assassins. Power struggle starts in Italy.             
  • February 13, Communist Militias get near the outskirts of Tokyo and start their siege of the city.

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