Welcome to Recovery, a game about a struggling earth trying to recover after the Nuclear War.

Rules Edit

1.No ASB-ness, remember this is after a nuclear war.

2.To play you must create a survivor state first.

3.Have Fun!!!!

4.To create a survivor ate fill out the form below.

Survivor Form: Edit

Name:-Location: (City,European Province,Italian or Greek Region,County, or City and surrounding area)-Signature

Mods Edit

Chief Head Mod-The Epic Dragon

Map Mod-

Co-Head Mod-

ASB Hunter Mod-

Survivor States Edit

North America Edit

Maricopan Empire-Maricopan,Pinal, and Pima counties,Arizona(Capital:Phoenix)-The Epic Dragon(Yes Boizistanball you can be mapmaker, put your signature next to "Map Mod")

Republic of Maine-Entire State Of Maine(Capital:Portland)- The.Brick.Battle

South America Edit

Europe Edit

Byzantine Empire-Thrace,Greece (Capital:Constantinople)-The Epic Dragon

Magna Graecia - Ionian Islands, Greece; Sarande, Albania; Lecce, Italy; Brindisi, Italy (Capital: Corfu) NathanialPrice

Soviet Union-Southern Half Of The Russia District Of Siberia (Capital:Novosibirsk)- The.Brick.Battle

Asia Edit

Damascus Caliphate- Damascus,Syria,Beirut,Lebanon(Capital: Damascus)-Bozistanball (can i be map maker?)

Africa Edit

Oceania Edit

The Game Edit

1961.5 Edit