What if in 1949, the ice caps melted, leading to world destruction and massive tsunamis, but in 1971, the Ice caps stopped melting and grew back, becoming bigger and leading to new islands and landmasses.


The same rules apply for the map game except this one has NO ending so keep on editing.

You can add new land masses if you want but the main thing that you should do right now is make the nations, because of the world disaster, nations disappeared and new ones must be created.

Only make black border lines if a border is agreed upon by nations.

Give your picture a caption telling what year it is.


Albion - Pink is founded.

Uaygipt - Yellow is founded.

Michigio - Blue is founded.

Orguam - Brown is founded.

Califrormi - Red is founded.

Albion builds a colony in Frankland.

Orguam establishes a southern border with Califromi.





New map.

The Empire of Namenbia (in light Orange) is founded, spanning four landmasses. It has 320 million people at its founding. That year, it establishes a border with Uaygipt.


Albion and its colony both expand.

Michigio expands north.

Patagonia (Lime green) is founded





New map.

Nambeina annexes Ugypt, invading the unsuspecting country.


Albion and its colony expand until they touch.

Patagonia Expands North.

Roman Empire (Violet) and Arabian Republic (Gold) are founded.

1975 Rebirth



Ugyptian Nationalists release a bioweapon into Nambeima, which kills 85.3% of the population of the central landmass of the Empire of Nambeima, causing them to lose control.

the Republic of Atlantis is founded - teal



Nambeina sends settlers into the central landmass, regaining control. They then slaughter countless millions of Ugyptians and release a chemical on Ugypt, killing all there.

A soldier returning to one of the Northern landmasses unwittingly spreads the biologic contagion to both northern landmasses in the Nambeinan Empire. since the people on the northern landmasses are packed tighter together, the death rate is near 96%.

Nambeina's last land mass is infected the Nambeina empire is gone.

The Arabic Republic settles the former Nambeina empire.

the Republic of Atlantis incorporates the rest of their island into their nation, and establish colonies in the Caribbean. the begin offering land grants on Atlantis to wandering tribes of Humans it what was the East Coast, greatly increasing their population and production capacity.



Nambeina sends colonists to Australia.

Make a map reflecting the changes.


  • Orguam and Califormi combine and form the country called Rocky Mountain Confederation. They expand along the entire western sea board of North and some what in Central America. Although lightly spread, they remain strong around their capital of Seattle.
  • Michigio also acquires new land south of it.
  • Republic of Atlantis(teal) expand in south eastern America.
  • Albion's and Romans skirmish across their new border, thinking each other raiders or invaders.
  • Due to the massive effects caused by the 'Event', a large (in fact, down right gigantic) magma upheaval happens in the south Atlantic, flooding a lot of the coastal areas that are in direct contact with the Atlantic ocean; bogging down the ones that are in some contact with it. [flooding represented by black lines]


Nambeina expands its colonial territories in Australia. They also work to drain the floods on their western coast.

Patagonia expands north.

Michigio expands north.

Glaciers form in Greenland.




The Navajo Kingdom (red) is formed, and declares was on Atlantis.

The Dragon States are united as the Dragon Empire (brown).

More deaths occur in Africa when new diseases break out that make only coasts inhabitable.

Uygyptian survivors make their way to Arabia, because of the population boom, Arabia expands.


the Navajo Kingdom signs a peace treaty with Atlantis, because the Atlantans couldn't land an invasion for in the Navajo territory, and the Navajo couldn't get passed the powerful Republican Navy, now the most powerful Navy on earth.

Atlantis colonizes the Landmass on South America's east coast.


  • Rocky Mountain Confederation expands to encompass a large portion of the western US/Canada/Mexico. Its borders are solid but the vast in-lands are still somewhat unpopulated. The population starts to expand with the greater territory to homestead. Their borders are solidified with the Navajo Kingdom and Michigio. All three decided to sign a MDA (Mutual Defense Alliance; all can expand into non-member/non-claimed territories {not including pre-claim, which means that it is not settled but still belongs to that nation}). Rocky Mountain Confederation also meets with Atlantean diplomats, which after a long discussion come to an agreement to a border in central America.
  • The Roman Empire and Albanio agree to a border.

Most nations have a border established.

  • Albion is now firmly aware the the Greenland glacier has been in fact growing more rapidly then it should, mainly because it consumes some small towns. A scientific team is sent in to figure out why.
  • Dragon Empire expands in their main land. They also establish colonies on New Hawaii, as it is believed to be the remaking of Hawaiian Islands
  • Empire of Namenbia also colonizes small amounts of land on an island called New Madagascar, and further decreases its presents in Africa to strengthen and expand its colonizes in Australia.
  • Flooding control and cleaning methods are put into place where flooding did occur.
  • Patagonia expands.




Moscow establishes the Muscovy Republic (turquoise), declaring it a democratic nation having no connection with the former Soviet Union.

With the loss of their once capital, the provisional governments of the former East Asian communist nations agreed to ally themselves in a new communist nation known as Dalnevostok (green). The new nation quickly annexes the western Alaskan islands.


  • Mostly all of north America is now re-settled, with exception to the north-east.
  • The RMC steps in to settle the disagreement between Michigio and Navajo Kingdom. The tariffs are set at a reasonable price for both parties.
  • Patagonia and Republic of Atlantis both expand.
  • Rocky mountain confederation demands the the rest of Alaska be given back, otherwise force maybe necessary. Delegations from both parties meet and begin talks. it is estimated that the talks well last for upwards of 13 months, with the talks beginning on December 30th.
  • North American MDA (Rocky Mountain Confederation, Navajo Kingdom, and Great Lake Republic [Michigio]) begin to work together to find alternative fuel sources. By years end, wind, demand nuclear energy are made available to them; a project to work on mass production of ethanol begins.
  • Patagonia and the Republic of Atlantis sign a alliance with each other, promising to make a solid border between the to by 1988. Both sides believe it to happen sooner as they start to rush for whatever is left in South America.
  • The Dragon Empire and Dalnevostok ally.



the Republic of Atlantis begins sending out "democracy missionaries" who travel through the South American jungle. whenever one of these missionaries encounters a tribe of humans, they send them to the nearest Republican settlement. this makes the rate of growth in the Republic almost double that of Patagonia.

Also the Republic settles the recent Magma upwelling, in order the extract the valuable ores found there.

End of isolation...


  • The Muscovy Republic begins its expansion with Helsinki and the remaining portions of former Finland requesting to become a federal entity in the republic. Muscovy also begins colonialism in the many islands in the Arctic, as well as the new "Uralia" and portions of the Middle Eastern island. Muscovy establishes borders with Albion and the Arabian Republic, and establishes diplomatic relations with both the same year. The Albion-Muscovy relations begin to grow.
  • As part of the peace agreements between Dalnevostok and the Rocky Mountain Confederation, Dalnevostok fully hands over all of Western Alaska to the RMC. As part of the conditions, Dalnevostok would be allowed to expand its influences elsewhere. Dalnevostok will expand its communist empire to include the remainder of Korea and Japan. The establishment of colonies in New Hawaii and Australia.


  • All nations but the Rocky Mountain Confederation(RMC) expand.
  • The world is peaceful as of now, with no war/wars going on anywhere.
  • The RMC expands it TRADE relations with Navajo Kingdom, Republic of the Great Lake (Michingo), Atlantis, and with Patagonia.
  • Dragon Empire begins trade relations with Redosia.
  • Atlantians evacuate the Magma Upwelling, known now as Eronas, because of unsuitable conditions. They, however, calculate that it would be suitable for mining and colonization in 10-15 years.




Wilson the Great comes to power in Redosia. Wilson expands New Redosia City, and he builds series of roads connecting it to the rest of his empire.

The last of the Redosians leave Africa.

The Arabians decide that they don't like all the Uygyptians in their country, so they create a new nation, New Uygypt (light yellow) between South America and Africa.

The Natives of this island flee and create The Berber Kingdom (Pink) and declare war on New Uygypt.

Albion declares war on Michigio.

The Navajo Kingdom and the Rocky Mountain Confederation come to Michigio's aid.

The Dragon State expands into the Eastern islands.

Dalnevostok declares war on Muscovy.

List of Governments:

RMC: Confederation with two heads of state, the President of Origuam and the President of Califormi.

Navajo Kingdom: Elders (65 and older) vote on a Chief. He is Chief for life.

Michigan: Democracy

Atlantis: Republic

Patagonia: Democracy

Albion: Monarchy

Roman Empire: Democracy

Berber Kingdom: Fascist Regime

New Uygypt: Oligarchy

Muscovy: Democracy

Dalnevostok: Communist Regime

Arabian Republic: Islamic Republic

Redosia: Monarchy

Dragon Empire: Communist Regime



Wilson the Great enacts a reform of the laws of Redosia. The laws are clearly stated and organized, but empathise guilty until proven innocent.

Michigan and the Navajo Kingdom push back Albion.

The Berber Kingdom expands.

The Roman Empire has a revolution and becomes a Fascist Regime.

The Berber Kingdom and Rome create an alliance.


1992 rebirth map 1


Rome and Berber Kingdom expand on Chadland, named after a country that was once on that part of Africa.

Rome and Berber Kingdom declare war on Albion, making a two-front war.

Michigan, Navajo Kingdom, Berber Kingdom, and Rome push back Albion.


340 million people now live in Redosia. Wilson the Great has become a popular ruler, the best Redosian Emperor in that time. Wilson continues on with his reforms, which are the following:

Agriculture: Wilson the Great transforms New Madagascar into a agricultural plant bed. He encourages the use of different types of crops, gives state money to small farmers, and improves agricultural regulations.

Industry: Wilson the Great centers industry in Australia. He builds several more factories, lays out better industrial regulations, and encourages the growth of trade.

Military: The Emperor reorganizes the military. He funds the construction of nuclear weapons, builds up the navy, and sets out a Military Code. By the time he is done, the army has a total peacetime strength of 4 million soldiers and a reserve of 15 million. The navy has 450 destroyers, 117 carriers, 600 cruisers, 990 submarines, and over 430 warships.

Politics: Wilson organizes his Empire into four provinces, the Northern Islands, Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand, and New Madagascar.


The Republic of Atlantis, Michigan, Navajo, and the RMC agree to create a common free trade zone between them, in order to preserve peace, and create a common alliance in order to combat the growing power of Rhodesia.

The allies invade New Ugypt, to get Atlantis' colony back.


Redosia promises that it has no intentions of expanding its territory. The emperor makes clear to Atlantis, Navajo, the RMC, and other countries his empire is peaceful. He says he is building up his military to make sure Redosia is protected. To confirm this fact, he issues a decree, stating Redosia will never expand beyond her boundaries.


The Treaty of Western Alliance (between Atlantis, Navajo, Michigan, and RMC) is extended to include Patagonia.

Rome expands farther south.



Albion makes peace with Atlantis, RMC, Navajo Kingdom, and Michigan so that it can fight Rome and the Berbers.

Pantagonian Scientists establish the first permanent Military base in Antarctica.

Borders in North America are changed.

Uygyptian Nationalists threaten that if they don't get independence they will release another biological weapon like the one that destroyed Namibia.

Arabia creates a colony in Eastern Chadland.

The United Nations is established, with all nations present.

World Wide Web (a.k.a. the Internet) is launched, and now computers are available for everyone.

The Nations vote for a Chairman from Dalnevostok named Mikhail Vladmir (Chairmen can only be elected from Neutral nations, and those nations must remain neutral).

Map of the continents (this map was made so we don't say, 'and that continent over there by..)



A new Landmass starts to surface in the Pacific.

Arabia Expands its colony in Chadland.




Berbers expand into the rest of Chandland and First Nation to colonize Namibanyia.

Arabia invade Muscovy to Make sure it is the only nation to be on New Persia.

Berbers and Romans expand into Northland and Franklands.

Romans expand into Blackland.

1998 rebirth map



1999 rebirth map
Redosia annexes the new island in the Pacific, after discovering it has immense gold and silver, oil, and coal reserves.

Wilson the Great immediately begins the construction of mines and dams in the new island, which he names "New Redosia".

By now, the island has cooled for at least three years, enough to be inhabited by humans.

Redosia builds two bases in Antarctica, so does Rome.

Michiganders land on the moon for the first time.

The new Chairman in the U.N. tries to create a one-world- currency, but fails.

Albion collapses and becomes the Theocratic/Fascist regime called St. Ignaztius' Land, yellowish-green (nicknamed Iggy Land).


Berber Kingdom and Rome sign the Treaty of Cairo with Iggy Land and ask if they want join the The Fascist Union with Them.


  • After years of planning, Muscovy launches a large campaign against Dalnevostok and Arabia (both of which invaded Muscovy just years prior). Not invading Siberia, Dalnevostok pushes back and talks take place for peace between the two Russian states. Muscovy invades Arabia and occupies a good portion of the nation. Because Dalnevostok is no longer neutral, the U.N. Chairman is forced to resign. A Navajo Chairman is chosen. Iggy Land joins the U.N.



Wilson the Great builds up the Navy even further. It now has 1000 destroyers, 240 carriers, 760 cruisers, and over 1900 submarines.

Berber Kingdom and Rome invade Arabia.

FNA (Fascist Nations Alliance) attacks Muscovy.

Siberia is invaded by Dalnevostok.

The first permanent space station is launched, with Michigan, RMC, Navajo, and Atlantis helping.

EPA (Eastern Power's Alliance) is created between Redosia, Dragon Empire and Dalnevosok. It is one of the three main alliances. (FNA, WNA, and EPA)

Some nation profiles:

The WNA and Redosia partner on a project to put a man on the Moon by 2010. They also create the Free World Trading Bloc (FWTB), in order to lessen trade restrictions and tariffs between member nations and corporations.


Emperor Wilson I begins building his Imperial Palace. It is made from marble and carved stone. It looks like the OTL White House, but is double the size. Wilson I also establishes the Academy of Redosian Art. He then lures scientists and writers from across the world to Redosia. He encourages further development of Redosian culture. Wilson also transforms one of the Redosian bases in Antarctica into a military supply post.


Rome fully expands to Blackland and continues into New Persia and invades Muscovy Island.

Dalnevostok invades Muscovy Island and New Persia.

People's Empire of Glacieria separates from Rome and invade Iggy Land.

2005 rebirth map



Redosia now has 405 million people. To lower population growth, Wilson I imposes strict immigration controls and begins forcing couples and parents to use child prevention measures to cut down on birth rates.


  • Muscovy and Dalnevostok agree to a ceasefire. Some peace talks are made, but a sense of peace is now part of the two nations. Rumors spread for even more cooperation between the two states.
  • With one war over, Muscovy reclaims its former regions and begins a new campaign into Rome. Muscovy successfully occupies Scandinavia and portions of Northern Rome.


2008 rwmg


The Royal Families of Berber and Rome marry and become the United Fascist Kingdom of Berber and Rome.

Glaceria invades Iggy Land, Muscovy and Berber-Rome.

Berber-Rome offer a peace treaty and an alliance against Glacieria to Muscovy and they accept.


  • The Muscovy Republic and Dalnevostok sign a treaty of Union, and the two nations unite to form the Union of Duma Democratic Republics (UDDR).
  • The UDDR gains alliances with the Dragon Empire, and join forces against Rome and its allies. The capital of Rome falls into UDDR forces. The UDDR offers peace to the conflict.


Redosia declares neutrality in this conflict amongst Rome and other countries. Wilson I then says Redosia will never become part of any war.

The Western alliance creates a common currency, the westro, which is used by all of the Western alliance nations. The Western Alliance also extends an offer of membership to Redosia.


New Antarctica - Dark green is formed.

Rome- Rome colonized minor islands in the Southern Ocean.

Rebirth of world











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