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What if the American Revolution was unsuccessful?

Point of Divergence

Following the Battle of Long Island, Howe pushes into Brooklyn Heights at the advice of his fellow officers, successfully decimating the remnants of the Continental Army and capturing General Washington. This defeat, albeit a very bloody fight, successfully ends the war in favor of the British, now being known as the Rebellion of 1775.

Effects on the World



The British would maintain a high level of power on the world for centuries. The harsh Anglo-French rivalry would fuel many wars between them, as both competed for control over the world.


The French Revolution would be delayed until the mid 1820s as less debt for the Kingdom of France. Napoleon Bonaparte would never become Emperor of France and the revolution would not devastate Europe as much as it did in OTL.

German states

Because there were no Napoleonic Wars, Prussia would never unify Germany. OTL Germany would remain in many smaller states for a much longer time, although bits and pieces would unite over time.

North America

United States & Canada

Following the Rebellion of 1775, British North America would remain a series of colonies spanning much of the east coast. With the purchase of Spanish Florida and Louisiana, the American colonies would expand and become dominions of the United Kingdom until the Second World War.


Caribbean Islands


Africa is divided between independent nations and European colonies and territories.



North America





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