Feel free to add to this page At Gettysburg Major General Jackson (who wasn’t killed by his wounds but still lived) takes the far eastern hill and moves the artillery up the hill and begins bombardment of the Union flank. Robert E. Lee sends a letter to Meade saying that "If you were to surrender now I would let your men leave to Boston unmolested". Meade replies "Why, when I've already won"?

With that Lee sends troops to attack the front lines and sends more troops around the eastern flank and hits the Union army from behind and sends the entire Army packing.

The path to DC was now open to the Confederacy. Lincoln opened peace talks with Davis and after 20 hours of negotiations

they agreed to the Treaty of New York which did these things:

A) Virginia would be re-entered into the Union.

B) The CSA would be recognized as an independent nation.

C) Slavery in the CSA would be replaced with serfdom reminiscent of medieval Europe where they would have the rights of man but still be under the rule of the ones who own them and be sold with the land and not as individual merchandise. Slavery in the USA would be officially banned.

The Treaty of New York was signed September 22, 1863. The Confederacy moved its capitol to Tallahassee so it was far away enough from the Union to avoid being captured (the State of Florida moved its capitol to St. Augustine). The change to serfdom happened nearly overnight in the CSA and was not liked by many of the rich but were glad to have it not entirely abolished.

Lincoln was surprisingly re-elected to a second term and on December 15, 1863 he changed the flag back to the Betty Ross flag with thirteen stars in a circle and one in the center to symbolize all the other states.

The CSA changed its flag too, the Army Northern Virginia's battle flag would be made into the canton with a pure white field.

Soon tensions in Virginia began to rise as they began to question why the Confederacy had abandoned them, were they just too eager to be free to care about the cost of Virginia, did they secretly plan this against us? Soon those thoughts became of outright hatred to the South.

On July 12, 1865 The Davis House is built in Tallahassee to be home to the CS president.

October 5, 1867 Virginians revolt against US rule.

November 19, 1867 The CS offers help to the Virginians but were soundly refused.

December 31, 1867 US troops finally gain the unconditional surrender of the revolt's leader Bob Mathews, he is convicted of Treason and hanged three days later and is buried in an unmarked grave which later has a street built over it.

June 8, 1868 Former US president Abraham Lincoln is killed by malaria after visiting Africa.

December 2, 1869 Prussia, Austria, Sweden, and the USA enter the Quadruple Alliance.

December 22, 1869 Great Britain, France, Mexico, and the CSA join the Tallahassee Pact.

December 25, 1869 The presidents of the US and the CS have a Christmas dinner together in hopes to improve relations with the others.

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