Realm of Westralia
Realm of the Empire of Greater Britannia
Timeline: Emancipation (Map Game)
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
1862–1869 Westralia-flag.svg
Flag of Western Australia.svg Western Australian Coat of Arms.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Cygnis Insignis (Latin)
Remarkable Swans
Song of the Swan (Realm)
Rule, Britannia! (Imperial)
Capital Perth
Languages English
Religion Church of England
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  1862 — 1869 Victoria
 - 1862 — 1868 John Hampton
 - 1868 — 1869 Sir Benjamin Pine
 - 1869 Sir Frederick Weld
Prime Minister
 - 1862 — 1869 Frederick Mayweather
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper house House of Lords
 -  Lower house House of Commons
 - Swan River Proclaimed 12 August 1829
 -  Imperial Reform Act 3 July 1862
 - Act Amendment 8 August 1865
 - Coronation of Victoria 17 January 1866
 - Independence referendum 18 March 1869
 -  Declaration of Independence 1 April 1869
Currency Westralian Pound

Westralia, officially the Realm of Westralia, is one of the five Realms of the Empire of Greater Britannia. It was established 8 August 1865, and was preceded by the Colony of Western Australia. Westralia as a Realm was disestablished following the Declaration of Independence issued by the Government in 1869, and became the independent Kingdom of Westralia.


  • Swan — The area surrounding Perth.
  • Kimberley — The northernmost regions of WA.
  • Pilbara — A province immediately south of Kimberley.
  • Gascoyne — The northwest of WA.
  • Esperance — The largest province, consisting of the south-east of WA.
  • Stirling — The Southwest Wine region.

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