The assassination of Pharaoh Horemheb XII, on May 15, 2010 drew near worldwide condemnation.  Most nations expressed support and sympathy for the Egyptian Empire.  A few notable exceptions were the Kingdom of Ghana, and the United Islamic Republic.

Domestic Reactions

Mass mourning was observed throughout the entire Egyptian Empire, most prominently in Egypt Proper.  Temples of Osiris and Anubis were crowded by people throughout the Empire, as were Egyptian mosques and churches.  On the day of Horemheb's funeral, crowds assembled along the Nile to observe the funerary boat traveling down.  Flowers were set adrift upon small rafts, and floated down the river.

Many expressed their support to Prince, now Pharaoh, Seti.  Rallies were held across the entire Empire, proclaiming loyalty to him, with people waving flags, and singing "Hail to the Pharaoh".  Lord Paimu, Governor of Malagasy, attended one rally, saying, "It is with great sorrow that I observe the passing of his Majesty, Pharaoh Horemheb.  And it is with great pride, that I declare my loyalty to his Majesty, Pharaoh Seti."

International Reactions


  • Ravne flag
    Norse Kingdom
    Kaiser Eirik XV was quoted as saying, "When I heard the news of the murder, I could not believe it at first.  But when it set in, I could barely express the sorrow I felt at the loss of a good man such as the Pharaoh."  Crown Princess Elsa said, "I can only imagine the sorrow my friend Seti is going through." Crowds attended vigils at the Egyptian embassy, and an honorary Norse funeral was performed in Horemheb's honor. His funeral in Egypt was attended by the Crown Princess, and her sister, Princess Anna.
  • Roman empire flag
    Roman Republic:
    Proconsul Marcus Flavius Julian issued a press release declaring, "The senate and people of Rome condemn the murder with all our hearts.  We stand with the Egyptian people at this time."  However, he criticized the method of the execution of Abbas, calling it a "cruel act that Egypt is far above".


  • Flag of Tsar of Moscow
    Russian Tsardom:
    Tsar Vladimir VII expressed sympathy towards the Egypt, condemning the assassination, and saying, "It is the right, no, the duty of the Egyptian people to see take retribution for the violent murder of their Pharaoh."
  • 800px-China Qi Empire Flag
    Chinese Empire:
    Emperor Ling Chao Chang declared his support to the Egyptian Empire, and expressed sympathy to the Pharaoh's family, quoted as saying, "Horemheb was a sublime leader, a brilliant tactician, a good friend, and above all, a great man.  I have complete and utter confidence that his successor will not disappoint."
  • War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army
    Empire of Japan:
    Miyamoto, Emperor of Japan, expressed his sympathies, and condemned the attacks.  While no official statement from the Emperor was released, one was released from Shogun Isoruko Suichi, condemning the murder.
  • Pk-pml
    United Islamic Republic:
    President Sayed said, "Abbas was a man who fought against the violent imperialism of the Egyptians, and took a stand against the tyrant the Egyptians blindly follow.  I am glad to say that he was my Muslim brother."


  • Flag of Ashanti
    Kingdom of Ghana
    In a similar sentiment to Sayed, King Abioye said, in regards to Horemheb's death, "After the suffering inflicted by the Egyptian Empire upon the African people, I have only one thing to say: should the world mourn when a beast is slain?"
  • FlagofUnitedStatesofAfrica
    Free African Union
    President Babajide expressed his sympathies to Egypt, condemning the murder.  "Regardless of what the Egyptian Empire did to Africa, as a fellow man, I have to declare my sympathy for his Highness (Seti)."


  • Banner of the Inca Empire
    Incan Empire
    : Emperor Atahuapla V declared sympathies with the Egyptian people, quoting, "My prayers are with the Egyptian Empire.  The Incan Empire stands ready and willing with its counterpart.
  • '
    Aztec02 large
    Aztec Hegemony
    Emperor Mazatl likewise expressed sympathies with the Empire.  "The Aztec people knows how it feels to lose a great leader so suddenly.  We are here for whoever need us."

Non-governmental organizations

  • Hand of Shiva: Resistance leader, Kiran Mahesh, expressed sympathies with the Egyptian people, and accused the UIR of supporting it.  In a video message he said, "This proves that the UIR has not the courage to stand against a proud nation such as Egypt".

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