Reach 1995
Reach band members Krist Novoselic (above) and Franz Stahl (below) performing in 1995
Background information
Origin Bend, Oregon, United States
Genres Alternative rock, New-Progressive
Years active 1994 - present
Labels A&M Records
Associated acts The Called
Members Franz Stahl
Krist Novoselic
Richard Reinhardt
Past members Aaron Burckhard

Reach is an American alternative rock band from Bend, Oregon, formed in 1994 during the rise of alternative rock. Playing with fast or slow tempos, with manic beats and slurred lyrics, Reach slowly became popular throughout the country before their first Album Sunset Dreamscape was released in 1997, just before alternative rock blew up with Pearl Jam's album Pesticide. Now with the major backing of the American public, the band signed with A&M Records, and in 1999 released their much anticipated second album Melt.

They then released three more albums of the ensuring decade, each one becoming more focused on experimentation and electronic music, up to an extent in which many music critics call them "new-progressive" pioneers. Their most recent album, Staircase to Know-Where was released in 2010 to a number one position on the Billboard charts, and currently  has a Platinum record, with 1,705,000 sales. In 2013, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame.

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