Raven Quill Criers
Abbreviation RQ
Motto Everybody Talks
Formation 1971
Type News Organization;Stationary/Courier/Literacy Business
Purpose/focus Spread of Knowledge
Headquarters Findlay, NO
Official languages English, Engels, Axer, Trollish, Moorish, Kentuck
Grand Guildmaster Jon Jacobs
The Raven’s Quill Criers is an organization dedicated to the written word and to the spreading of knowledge. The Criers write up legal documents for businesses, they compose letters for clients who can’t read or write, and in many places they also act as cartographers, providing maps to traveling merchants and others bound for the highways. Many times their members act as translators, and it’s not uncommon for the Criers to act as guides to a city. Perhaps the thing the group is most famous for, though, is that they’re the ones who read out the local news and announce new proclamations. In addition, they serve as bureaucrats in some Insular States.


The Criers are lead by a Grand Guildmaster, whom administers the major branches, headed by Guildmasters, who in turn lead their branch's Guild Heads. The Guild Head handles the finances, workload and resource distribution. Under him are the Guild Members. Some specialty positions are Couriers, whom deliver letters and decrees, as well as Rakers, whose only job is to dig up whatever information about local events as they can, so that Criers can reveal this to the local populace.


The uniform is rather basic. At the lowest levels, Criers wear hats with raven feathers in them. These hats vary in style, ranging from the ever-popular Bowler or Porkpie, Tricorn, or Sugarloaf. In addition, they wear patches bearing their logo. Guildmasters can be recognized by their brass raven-skull necklaces, whereas the Grand Guildmaster can be recognized by his Raven-Feather Cloak and Gold-Laced Bicorne Hat.

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