The Kingdom Starfleet is the branch of the "Tharahá-Pheinbac" Force, whose main directive is to protect the Rasheen Kingdom worlds from enemy space and ground forces and to also manage the invasions of enemy planets if necessary. The Starfleet currently possesses 75,915 Military Space Ships (most of them fourth generation type, although third gen ships are still on use on certain units. Every military ship carries the vessel's designator RKF meaning "Rasheen Kingdom Fleet" in front of its name, and a vessel's suffix formed out of the starship type initials and the hull number.

The Eight Fleets:

Fleet Battlegroups Notes
1st Fleet "Hamalá-Bēṛā"
  • 1st Battlegroup
  • 2nd Battlegroup
  • 3rd Battlegroup
  • 4th Battlegroup
  • 1st Rapid Response Task Force

2nd Fleet "Jhoshur Thaithey"

  • 5th Battlegroup
  • 6th Battlegroup
  • 7th Battlegroup
  • 8th Battlegroup
  • 2nd Rapid Response Task Force

3rd Fleet "Tlaz-Āga"

  • 9th Battlegroup
  • 10th Battlegroup
  • 11th Battlegroup
  • 12th Battlegroup
  • 3rd Rapid Response Task Force

4th Fleet "Svarga kī-āga"

  • 13th Battlegroup
  • 14th Battlegroup
  • 15th Battlegroup
  • 16th Battlegroup
  • 4th Rapid Response Task Force

5th Fleet "Rājā kī-talavārr"

  • 17th Battlegroup
  • 18th Battlegroup
  • 19th Battlegroup
  • 20th Battlegroup
  • 5th Rapid Response Task Force

6th Fleet "Nash-maked Sehar"

  • 21st Battlegroup
  • 22nd Battlegroup
  • 23rd Battlegroup
  • 24th Battlegroup
  • 6th Rapid Response Task Force

7th Fleet "Rishá-Jotula"

  • 25th Battlegroup
  • 26th Battlegroup
  • 27th Battlegroup
  • 28th Battlegroup
  • 37th Battlegroup
  • 38th Battlegroup
  • 7th Rapid Response Task Force

8th Fleet "Delerrá-almar"

  • 29th Battlegroup
  • 30th Battlegroup
  • 31st Battlegroup
  • 32nd Battlegroup
  • 8th Rapid Response Task Force

9th Fleet "Āpātakālīna bēṛā"

  • 33rd Battlegroup
  • 34th Battlegroup
  • 35th Battlegroup
  • 36th Battlegroup
  • 9th Rapid Response Task Force

10th Fleet "Nayām̐ yōd'dhāharū"

  • 37rd Battlegroup
  • 38th Battlegroup
  • 39th Battlegroup
  • 40th Battlegroup
  • 10th Rapid Response Task Force

11th Fleet "Ēghāra tīra"

  • 41rd Battlegroup
  • 42th Battlegroup
  • 43th Battlegroup
  • 44th Battlegroup
  • 11th Rapid Response Task Force

12th Fleet "Dasa sūrya"

  • 45rd Battlegroup
  • 46th Battlegroup
  • 47th Battlegroup
  • 48th Battlegroup
  • 12th Rapid Response Task Force

13th Fleet "Sabai tēhra"

  • 49rd Battlegroup
  • 50th Battlegroup
  • 51th Battlegroup
  • 52th Battlegroup
  • 13th Rapid Response Task Force

Types of Ships in the Fleet:

  • DSA (Deep Stand-Off Attack Ship): Heavy battleship designed for long range missile engagements.
  • XMC (Heavy Military Cruiser): Multitask heavy cruiser capable of high-endurance, independent operations.
  • AAC (Atmospheric Attack Carrier): Primary mission is to destroy hostile tactical aircraft and defensive stations in space and on the ground, ensuring safety for the drop ships and other endo/exo-atmospheric craft during beachhead establishment, provides close air support and air traffic control.
  • DSC (Drop Ship Carrier): Mobile troop transport and barracks.
  • GDF (Group Defense Frigate): Designed to track, target and destroy incoming enemy missiles and fighters, these ships are mostly Drones controlled by Hive IA.
  • IMH (Interplanetary Mine Hunter): Seeks and destroys pre-positioned threats to the fleet.
  • LRS (Long Range Surveillance): Provides the eyes and ears for a battle group, ideal for providing early-warning of impending attack or the strategic positioning of enemy vessels.
  • LOS (Low Observable Scout): Small, lightly manned surveillance and electronic attack platform designed to mount operations inside a hostile sphere of control.
  • MSS (Medical Support Ship): Mobile Medical Center, fully equipped.
  • HRC (High Endurance Research Cruiser): Scientific ship, capable of long-term, independent operations in uncharted regions of space.
  • SAM (Supply and Maintenance Ship): Primary logistics and mobility support platform for Rasheen battle groups.
  • CFS (Courier Fast Ship): Designed solely to rapidly transmit important information and ferry small cargo (VIP Usually).

Starships (Main Types currently on service)


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