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Rasheen Military Ranks and Insignia (Battle for Earth: Strikes Back!)

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This article shows the ranks (and eventually also the insignias) of all Rasheen military personnel, including Honorary charges and Space Fleet ( "Tharahá-Pheinbac").

Ranks and Insignia

 Military Forces Space Fleet
Class Name Insignia Name
E-0 Soldat Recruit Enlisted Space-ka
E-1 Private Space-ka
E-2 Corporal Combat Space-ka
E-3 Master Corporal Space-Adept
E-4 Sergeant Forward Adept
E-5 First Sergeant Leading Adept
E-6 Major Sergeant Master Adept
EO-1 Warrant Officer Chief Adept
EO-2 Master Warrant Officer Petty Officer
EO-3 Chief Warrant Officer Leading Petty Officer
EO-4 Major Warrant Officer Master Petty Officer
--- --- --- ---
O-0 Officer-Cadet Cadet
O-1 Leutenant Midshipsman
O-2 Second Leutenant Enseign
O-3 Captain Sub-Leutenant
O-4 Major Junior Leutenant
O-5 Liutenant Colonel Leutenant
--- --- --- ---
SO-1 Colonel Leutenant-Commander
H-1 Major Colonel  Subcommander
SO-2 Brigadier General  Commander
SO-3 Major General  Captain-Leutenant
SO-4 Liutenant General  Captain
SO-5 General Commodore
SO-6/H-2 General of the Army Commodore-Overseer
--- --- --- ---
A-1 Rear Admiral
A-2 Vice Admiral
A-3 Admiral
A-4 Admiral of the Fleet
H-3 Admiral-Overseer

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