Rasheen Kingdom
Timeline: Battle for Earth Strikes Back! (Map Game)
Rasheen Kingdom Flag
Flag of Naam-leka (The Kingdom)

Yeertyfá Paablakul-shé ("Logaá")
("Rising Above All")

Capital Eb-Reima
Largest city Baṛēka
Other cities Dazin't, Śēra, T'Kyuu, Vijaya, Sudrapūrva, Shérubi
Language "Logaá"
Religion L'Massá, Sāta lōgōṁ kō, L'Kotyma
Ethnic Group Daplyotú, Dasuedú, B'serjú, Dajmarrú
Demonym Rasheen-ká (Political), Poulía (Species denominator)
Government Constitutional Monarchy, High Parliament and Division of Powers
  legislature Alee-huaját (The Highest Ones)
"The Purple Queen" Zeryaá II
  Royal house: House of Saqqür
Population 2.975.258.892 
Currency Sikkā (S)

The Rasheen Kingdom, is a fully-developed Type II (According to the Scrawland Scale), interstellar nation originally from the planet Arr-Rota, located in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The kingdom is almost one thousand years old now and through war and politics have annexed every political territory in the Arr-Rota Planet.

The Rasheen-ká possess advance Hyperspace Technology as well as robotics, cyborg mechanical parts, virtual reality and almost every piece of their technology is sentient at some degree (being the most advanced of these considered Regular Citizens just as any Rasheen-ká)


A medium sized planet with a rocky core, has water over the 63% of its surface, and it's geographically divided into three great land masses: The Biggest Continent is "Anōkhā", where the Poulía theoretically evolved. The Continent of "Pūrvī" is the second one in extension (its main city is Baṛēka), and the third one in extension is the Continent of "L'Garrabí" (Main City: Dazin't), where the House of Saqqür and the Rasheen Kingdom came from. Arr-Rota is the fourth planet in the "Rasheen System" and rotates around an F-Type White Star (named "Bazaá"), and has three moons: two medium sized ("Meelika" and "Demirá") and a smaller one ("Ratha").

The rest of the Kingdom is located in nearby locations across the Stars.


The Rasheen-ká - also known as Poulía (Generic species denonym) - are carbon-based biological entities of avian descent and "humanoid" traits. Most of us have feathers sprouting in a triangular shape on the head away from the face, others have it bushy on both sides and very flat on the top. Internally, our bones are light and hollow, and we also possess some vestigial feathers on our forearms, left over from wings that were lost over millions of years of evolution. Our children are conceived in eggs, later they are nurtured in special chambers. The Sexual dimorphism is visible not only on the sexual organs (internal in the females, externals on the males) but also on the muscular formation (more prominent on the males than the females, while the females retain more agility and speed). There are four main ethnic groups: the B'serjú (Blue tinted skinned), Dasuedú (Black skinned), the Daplyotú (white feathers), Dajmarrú (Redskinned). Currently the conception and birth of new rasheen-ka are regulated by the state.


There are numerous records showing the evolution of the "Pouliá" (Rasheen Species) from primitive birds to advanced bipedal creatures able to use complex machines and rational thinking. Since the Pouliá lived in trees and beneath them, there is little to no evidence of the first settlements.


Sāta lōgōṁ kō Version: According to the "Sāta sitārā batāyā", the Holy Text, The Seven Gods were created when the Eternal Light Split into seven when crashed into the darkness, the resulting effect created not only the Gods but also the Planet Ar-rota; Each God gave one attribute to the Poulía when they created them: Lalá (Fighting Skills), Ginarán (Craftsmanship), Pilá (Mercy), Griná (Purity), Nila (Judgment), Bainganí (Wisdom) and Jambukï (Made them all equal through death). When the Pouliá lost the way the Seven chose one of them "Pahāṛī" the Most Devout, and guided him through the Pious way back into the gods' grace.

L'Kotyma Version: The Universe came to be (Gods Included) through the mixing of dispersed elements floating around, after that every thing became to exist, some doted of spiritual force or "Bruhei", some of this Bruhei combined and created the first gods, These Nameless Gods have remained in the woodlands in the natural elements. There was a "First Species", who was born and lived only in the waters: the "Samekí", they were prayed by other stronger creatures, so the gods helped another species, the "Dasohúa", this creatures lived in the land and trees, were smart and cunning, one day the cold came and remained many stations so these cold blood creatures died, later came the "Légun" furry and warm creatures born through their mothers and feeding through them as well, they were not as smart as the dasohúa, but they were more resistant, their doom came when the over reproduced and exhausted all of their resources, culminating in endless wars. Finally the gods saw another species grow, the "Tetu-yul" or "Pouliá" the current owners of the Arr-Rota.


The Old Days

    • First Poulia settlements.
    • First written documents found.

Transition Days

    • Expansion from the Anōkhā continent to the Pūrvī continent.
    • Science is standarized.

Modern Days

    • Expansion from the Anōkhā-Pūrvī civilization to the L'Garrabí continent.
    • Progress fastened the Technology progress.

Unification Days

    • Rasheen Kingdom is created by the Bāzaha Dynasty.
    • Ashfur Prince Coup de Etat.
    • Unification of the Arr-Rota Planet under one Throne.
    • End of the Bāzaha Dynasty, rise of the Kaṇḍara Dynasty.
    • Rising of the Ale-Heuját Counsel. 
    • Spacial Program begins.
    • End of the Kaṇḍara Dynasty, rise of the Det-yuna Dynasty.
    • A.I. Programming begins.

Expansion Days

    • End of the Det-yuna Dynasty, rise of the Bash-kevir Dynasty.
    • Star System Planetary Expansion begins.
    • End of the Bash-kevir Dynasty, rise of the Saqqür Dynasty.
    • A.I. Programming Achieves low level Sentient abilities.
    • Star System Planetary Expansion completed.
    • A.I. Programming Achieves High level Sentient abilities.
    • FTL Technology Developed.
    • Citizenship is Granted to A.I Type-IV
    • Kingdom Expansion through several Planets. Arr-Rota forming of planets begins.
    • War of the Neshma-Moglúas (Interplanetary Civil War).
    • Peace Era.
    • Inter-species Commerce and Culture sharing begins.


The Rasheen Kingdom is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, The "Malakká" (King) takes decisions on every subject as long as he respects the law. His First Minister or "Márizzly" usually makes most of the decisions, but otherwise is the King's right hand.

The governing body, known as "Alee-huaját" is composed of representatives from each "Moduo" (Country). This body serves as a legislative power, drafting the laws and regulations, and reviewing the King's decisions.

Each Moduo is governed by local Lords (Moglúa) who are on an vassalage relationship with minor lords (Datalikum), who in turn controls minor castes in their respective territories. These minor lords powers are purely administrative, financial issues are controlled by the "Moglúa", while justice is controlled by the "Koruk-tá" Order (magistrates and judges taken from every caste) who have special powers such as the "Sayyaf Corp", which act as judge and executioner on special cases.

House of Saqqür

An Ancient ruling house dated from the beginning of the Expansion Days, Its member's feathers are always purple.


Is structured around a system of relationships derived from the holding of titles (previously lands) over other citizens in exchange for services or labour from them to the title owner, and the recognition of the castes system or (which isn't necessary determined through the life, since an individual can be transferred to another Class depending on his/her merits) as well as several encompassing Orders (such as the Judges and the Monarchy). There's a set of reciprocal legal and military obligations among all the Rasheen-ka, and there's no absence of civil rights, since every Rasheen-ka citizen is protected by the laws of the realm, however a crime committed by one caste member inside its caste is judged by its own system (included and cohesive within the Kingdom's Laws) however, if the crime transcends a single caste, the "Koruk-tá" Order takes the case separately and in some case assigns the "Sayyaf Corp" to rule about the situation. The communities or Jāti are usually united by a common ideological/biological ancestors and are based on the principle of unity and strength. The four castes are:

  • the Nirmāṇee (priest, artists, teachers, technicians class).
  • the Sainika (Warrior Nobility, military elite, minor administrators and law enforcers).
  • the Bhūmi (agriculturists, cattle raisers and traders).
  • the Sēvā (the service providers and artisans).

If a Rasheen-ka is found guilty of crime too hideous to be condoned even through jail time, he can be left out of his/her caste and Order (if it's on one at the time of the crime) such situation is regarded as L'mebuss. Currently every level IV Artificial Intelligence program is legally considered equal to an standard Citizen, earning this way the Rasheen-ká appellative. The society has come to accept this as a normal behaviour integrating such sentient systems into the regular society (except for certain conservatives Jātis) accepting them even into one of the four castes, according to its function.



L'Massas Symbol, the Main Religion practiced across the Kingdom

There are four main Religions in Arr-Rota:


Originally of the Lands of Err-debá, where the Logaá Language originated. It's highly animistic and bows for a more deeper and intimated relationship between the Pouliá and nature itself, with little to no intervention of other people. They believe in the "Takmosú" or "Circle of Transmigration".

Sāta lōgōṁ kō

Originally from the Continent of Pūrvī, land of the "Jabāna" Language. It's a full-fledged religion formed and regulated in Orders and Organizations to fulfill its spiritual and institutional needs. Its main belief is the Seven Circles of Life or "Sāta Sarkilōṁ" in which one may end up after death according his/her Good Merits (Sadācāra) or Bad Merits (Aparādha).


More a philosophy than a religion, this doctrine seeks "enlightment" through the ethical and meditational ways that lead a Poulía to release itself from its sufferings in life, to reach a mental and absolute state known as "Rihā'ī". Was founded by Śyhānty Yōd'dhā, the first "Śikṣādiyā" (Enlightened) from the Sainika Cast in the Continent of Pūrvī.


Created during the final stage of the "Modern Days", L'Massá (The Path) is more an ideology than a religion.  Inspired heavily by the L'Mustaneer doctrine, It bows for a perfection of every Rasheen-ká by its own merits and self improvement in a peaceful and respectful environment. They believe in a world where science and technology can be mixed with mysticism and magic, and where rationality is a precious device. Currently this is the official religion, practiced by the majority of the government, the Royal House of Saqqür included.


  • The main materials used by the Rasheen are derived from the "Jhazapheem" a mixture engineered type of plastic material based on carbon mixed with several other minerals, highly malleable until it gets cold, then became highly durable, shock resistant and heat transmitting.
  • Ever since the beginning of the "Expansion Days" we the Rasheen have been using increasingly advance sentient technology not only on our spaceship, but also in everyday systems; since almost 100 years all Type IV Sentient Programs have been granted Fully Citizenship
  • Our progress on Cybernetics, Robotics and Poulía-Machine interface allow us to maintain and control all kinds of systems (such as a star ship) with no more than a fifth or even a dozen Rasheen-ka crew.
  • We possess projectile and energy-based weapons in our ships (and handheld weaponry)
  • Faster than light  travel technology is available in our ships and bases, also known as "Jump Engine", this is able to transport a ship from one place in the universe to another (as long as the system has certain co-ordinates or info about the destiny and enough energy) with little to non-structural damage to the vessel itself.
  • Faster than light communication is possible thanks to relay stations amid our colonies. However, a new system using advanced mathematics is being developed to be able to communicate without our relays.
  • Hologram technology is available, especially on our ships.
  • Our weather is controllable thanks to big thermo-electronic installations.
  • NS-Reactor (Nakalī Sūraja Reactor), basically a gravity enforced engine fueled by Hydrogen simulating a Star Nuclear Reaction, that outputs high levels of energy, heat (transformed into energy or used as heating system) and Helium (reused as fuel on the NS/He-Reactor, an adapted version of the NS-Reactor).
  • Currently a Massive Energy Collector System code named: "Neshmi-Iberaaj System" (also known as a Dyson bubble) made out of thousands of "Solar Energy Collecting Drones", is being tested around the main star in our Ābādī System.
  • A "Star lifting" project (removal of a substantial portion of a star's matter in a controlled manner for mining uses) code named: "Neshmi-Amulasheem" is being tested around a Singular star near the Edistyä-Tuleva System, the project is almost finished.
  • An "Uplift Program" (code named: Daltya) is being conducted on two species: the "Kurunt" a medium sized land mammal and on the "Phinia" a middle-sized watery creature, both originally from Arr-Rota.
  • The "Rakshashas" are Carbon based Insectoid lifeforms with limited sentient abilities yet extremely resilient found in Planet C37-00b04; grafted with cyborg technology they're proficient ground shock troops trained with several of our military equipments.They're an intuitive hive-thinking ground force, divided into several combat and support castes, and controlled by our A.I. Grafted Queen and several of her "Viceroys". Their quick spawning and minimum maturation time, makes them ideal Disposable Ground Troops (DGT).
  • The "E/2 Bombs" are reverse engineered created weapons fueled by artificial Elerium, a bit less unstable yet equally powerful than the natural Elerium, used to improved our Thermonuclear bombs. Another technology being developed from the Promethean's captured technology are the "nanoswarm" (nanobots).


The Senior Officer Charges are detented by the "Sainika" Cast, while the rest of the charges are open to anyone by meritocracy (however, a meritory non-Sainika can ascend to the top charges of the Armed Forces if he/she is proven worthy). The "L'Kuwat L'mussé-húwas" (Armed Forces) are subdivided into five branches: "Shee-eshá" (Land Army), "Kuoshowé" (Air Force), "Seenaj" (Navy Fleet), "Tharahá-Pheinbac" (Space Force), "Sh'beká-Kherramsly" (Information/Logistical Corp).


Main Article: Rasheen Kingdom Starfleet

The Kingdom's Starfleet is divided into nine fleets which are: 1st Fleet "Hamalá-Bēṛā", 2nd Fleet "Jhoshur Thaithey" and 3rd Fleet "Tlaz-Āga", 4th Fleet "Svarga kī-āga" 5th Fleet "Rājā kī-talavārr", 6th Fleet "Nash-maked Sehar", 7th Fleet "Rishá-Jotula", 8th Fleet "Delerrá-almar" and 9th Fleet "Āpātakālīna bēṛā".  Every Military Ship carries the Designator RKF. Also, every fourth Gen ship possesses an advanced IA able to fully control the vessel with little crew, as well as an advanced "Jump Engine". Every Fleet has at least four fully operational "Battle groups"  and one "Rapid Response Task Force" composed of several ships, ready to operate under any circumstances if summoned. 


Current Diplomacy

---Grand Coalition---

  • Meridian flag Meridian Consul 
    • Military Alliance
    • Commercial Partner
    • Non-Aggression Pact Signed.
  • Flag Jaledom of the Universe (BFESB) Jaledom of the Universe
  • Orc draft Orc Empire
    • Trading Treaty Proposed.
  • Ariax Ariax Empire
  • BFE draft3 Iocinian Kingdom
  • BFE Draft4 Xlax Imperium
  • Karnehai Seal Karnehai Privateers
  • Orion Arm Company
  • Galactic Confederation of Spaceships:
    • Non-Aggression Pact Signed.
    • Military Alliance Proposed.

---Grand Alliance---

  • Imerpial Seal Dravimosian Empire 
    • Commercial Partner
    • Non-Aggression Pact Signed.
  • Azarath Flag Azaranian Empire 
    • Commercial Partner.
    • Relays Use granted only for Commercial Purposes.
  • Regen Flag Regenetech Empire

---The Compact---

  • Centriflag Cyclarchy of Centria
    • Commercial Partner.
  • Praetorian Flag Praetorian Empire
    • Non-Aggression Pact Signed.
  • Flag of Gemini Gemini Federation
  • Flag of Solaris Solarian Empire
  • Karnehai Seal Karnehai Privateers

---Politically Unaligned---

  • Flag draft BFE Promethean Empire
    • Non-Aggression Pact Signed.
    • Declared Enemy of the Kingdom.
  • TerranEmpire The Firstborn
    • Declared Enemy of the Kingdom.
  • Fostur Freedom Front Flag Fostur Freedom Front
  • Karnehai Seal Karnehai Privateers
  • Caborr Flag Caborr State (Unaligned)
  • Flag of the Oriental Hermit Republic (Battle for Earth Strikes Back! Map Game) Oriental Hermit Republic (Unaligned)
  • MechFlag Mech Network (Unaligned)
  • Veridi Imperial Republic Unaligned)
    • Trading Treaty Proposed.

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