Raphael Charles Jerome du Ville Aubergine (8 August 1801 - 14 September 1874) was a French politician and statesman who briefly served as the Minister of State of the French Empire during the reign of Napoleon II and the beginning of the reign of Louis I. Aubergine's position was largely that of a figurehead, as the regime was largely run by Robert Legrange and various members of the Churat Society.

After the overthrow of the Legrange-dominated regime of Napoleon II, Aubergine briefly remained as State Minister before eventually resigning. His political career effectively over, Aubergine retired first to the Normandy coast and later to Portugal with his pension, and eventually emigrated to the United States in 1860 where he lived out of the remainder of his life in North Carolina. He described himself as, "A drop of water in the ocean of history," although he is generally viewed by many historians as a buffer against some of the more ambitious and sinister plots of Legrange and his cohorts during the War of Napoleonic Succession.

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