Ramsay MacDonald
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
In office:

February 22, 1933 - 1935

Preceded by: David Lloyd George
Succeded by: Stanley Baldwin
Deputy Prime Minister
In office:

1931 - February 22, 1933

Preceded by: Office Established
Succeded by: David Lloyd George
Minister of Fuel and Power
In office:

October 24, 1947 - February 15, 1950

Preceded by: Manny Shinwell
Succeded by: Philip Noel-Baker

October 12 1866, Lossiemouth, Morayshire

Died November 9 1937, London
Nationality: British
Political party: Labour

Margaret Gladstone

Children: 6
Alma mater:

Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institution, University of London

Occupation: Politician
Religion: Presbyterian

Ramsay MacDonald was a british labour party politician who served as Prime Minister (1933 - 1935). He was the first labour party politician to serve as prime minister, however he governed as part of a coalition with the liberals.

Early Life

Early Political Career

Labour Party Leader 1922 - 1935

Deputy Prime Minister 1931 - 1933

Prime Minister 1933 - 1935

Through 1934 MacDonald's mental condition continued to deteriorate, and there were several attempts to remove him as leader. In September 1935 he was deposed as Labour Party Leader, with his Deputy, Clement Attlee succeding him.

Later Life


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