The Rajya of Marwar is a relatively small nation located in the north-west of India. It is known for its historical ties with the Mughal Empire

Rajya of Marwar
Rajya of Marwar
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
Flag of Rajya of Marwar
Capital Jodhpur
Largest city Jodhpur
Language Hindu
Religion Hinduism
Ethnic Groups
Indians (primarily Marwari Indians)
  others Persians
Demonym Marwari
Rao Raja Singh
  Royal house: Rathore Clan




The ever-glorious Marwari-Mughali union is a trade crossing and thus has primarily good relations with numerous nations. Friendly relations are held with:

  • The Safavid Empire
  • The Indian League
  • Liao Empire
  • The Tartary
  • Alexandria
  • Oman
  • Amongst the European nations:
    • Hungary
    • Netherlands
    • Milan
    • Rumania
    • Albion

Mughal green-Marwar and Mughal; Dark green-Vassals; Lime Green-Allies/Historical relations; Yellow-Indian League; Light yellow-Smaller amounts of trade, no official status

Among the European nations these are the ones, apart from those already listed, which are known of in the Marwari-Mughali union

  • Éire
  • France
  • Castile
  • Aragon
  • Roman Empire


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