Rajendravarman XI is the 60th Emperor of the Naga Dynasty and a current reigning monarch of Cambodia. He came on to the throne in 2003 at the age of 46 years old.

Early Life

Prince Jaya Siharethi was born on January the 16th, 1957 to the Emperor Rajendravarman X and Empress Rachenatevi. As the only child of the Imperial Family and an heir to the throne, Prince Jaya Siharethi has been put under pressure since a very early age. At the age of 5 years old, the Prince enrolled in the Yasodharapura Elementary School. He, then, had shown interest in Science and Math but a dislike in geology. Although he is of Royal blood, many of teachers described him as caring and friendly toward those surrounding him. He often invited his classmates to the Imperial Palace for study dates and sleepovers.

After finishing elementary school, Prince Jaya Siharethi was accepted into the Maha Nokor High School, one of the best in the country. There, his passion for Science especially Physics grew. He had many time expressed his intention to work in the CSEAR (Center for Space Exploration and Aerodynamics Research) after obtained a degree in Physics. However, after graduated from high school, Prince Jaya Siharethi was, instead, compelled to study political science at the Imperial University of Cambodia. It was during his time in the IUC that he met a resourceful young women named Kao Chansocheata. He graduated in 1978 with a B-level.

His father wanted him to involve in government’s affairs, but Prince Jaya Siharethi decided to enlist in military service. From 1979 to 1983, the Prince has served in the 2nd Battalion, Combat Air Support, 9th Infantry Division in the Imperial Army. After leaving service, he became close advisor to his father while pursuing his PhD in Political Science at the Imperial University of Cambodia. On March of 1986, Prince Jaya Siharethi married his longtime girlfriend Kao Chansocheata. He was getting more and more involve in the daily administration of the country as his father aged. Between the period of 1999 until his accession to the Imperial throne, he was working as an acting Emperor as his father's health deteriorated.

After Succession to the Throne

On May the 28nd, 2003, The Emperor Rajendravarman X passed away by natural cause at the age of 91 years old. On September the 8th, Prince Jaya Siharethi and Princess Kao Chansocheata were crowded as the Emperor Rajendravarman XI and the Empress Botoumkesor Kalyanni, the next reigning monarchs of Cambodia.

Immediately after succeeded the throne, the Emperor reversed many policies put forth by his predecessors. He legalized gay marriages, abrogated capital sentence, and introduced, for the first time, a minimum wage policy within a year of his coronation.

The Emperor Rajendravarman XI fully supports developments in Science and Technology. He increases funding to the Cambodian National Research Foundation by 45% and the Center for Space Exploration and Aerotech Research (CSEAR) by 36%. He also launches a program designed to encourage more women to work in the field of Science and Engineering. As of now, Cambodia is the only country actively supports for more female scientists and engineers.

On the world stage, the Emperor

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