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Δημοκρατία της Ραγκούσα
Republic of Ragusa
Timeline: Greek World
Preceded by 500 - 1821 Succeeded by
GreekEmpireVexilloidGreek Empire Kingdom of GreeceThessalonikiFlag
RagusaFlag RagusaCoA
Flag of Ragusa Coat of Arms of Ragusa
Location of Ragusa in grey

Ελευθερία δεν πωλείται για όλο το χρυσάφι του κόσμου (Greek)
("Liberty is not sold for all the gold in the world")

Capital: Ragusa
  other languages: Italian, Latin
Greek Orthodox
  other religions: Roman Catholic
Type of government: Maritime oligarchy republic
  government: Senate, Council of Ten
Currency: Ragusa Drachma
The republic of Ragusa was a country established in Ragusa during the fall of the Greek Empire that remained util the War of Unification

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