The Ramnavov were an ancient species, and rumoured to be the oldest species in the galaxy. Legend has it that they were the ancestors of the Phantoms, and also reportedly the ancestors of the Guardian. Alternate version call for it that the Ramnavov became the Guardians. They disappeared about 875 or 870 million years ago, leaving behind only the Genreathites, who would give way to the Nenreathites and soon afterwards the Regenetech Empire. The Ramnavov resembled the Regenetech in innumerable ways and many believe that they came back to become the Regenetech.

Ramnavov (Known) History

The Ramnavov united as one house about 8.5 billion years ago and conquered the Galaxy as the Rusvanrus Empire before the Phantoms came about. The Phantoms are the only species to have ever encountered the Ramnavov, and this is a grounded fact. The Ramnavov also deployed the first unicellular organisms to Earth, and they also deployed Rusvanrus fleets to present-day Uranus, until the Ramnavov Civil War erupted and Uranus was hit by a fractural beam, turning on its side. The Rusvanrus Empire tried again to colonize the System of Sol on the planet now known as Venus, but millions of colonists were killed eventually in a massive eruption that was so strong, it destroyed half of the planet, and well as flinging the planet into a reverse rotary path. Much of the debris flew out into the Sol System, and a massive shower of space debris hit Mars, creating the asteroid belt.

Millions of years later the Ramnavov either created the Phantoms or encountered them, eventually deciding to disappear from sight. The remainder of their history is based on theory. The theory follows that they created the Guardians to carry on their legacy, as well as the Regne Genreathite. Alternate theory says that rogue groups became the Guardians, explaining the extreme physical resemblance. The alternate theory goes on to say that the Regne G. were from the Guardians, as well as the Azaranians.

Real (Unknown) Ramnavov History

The Ramnavov really had developed intergalactic travel, and the Phantoms and Guardians were really biological experiments that became full fledged species. The Rusvanrus Empire, that being the people and the royalty and government, etc etc, moved to another galaxy. An offshoot branch came back to the Milky Way and formed the Regenetech Empire, although they eventually lost the power of intergalactic travel. The Rusvanrus rule the Andromeda Galaxy in truth and have gathered every known species in the Milky Way Galaxy, as well as so-called "extinct" species, and the species the Terrans and other nations exterminated. They also have the several Andromedan species. They plan to introduce themselves to the Milky Way again one day, but when exactly is undecided.

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