His Excellency Rafael Carrera y Turcios
8th President of Guatemala
In office
November 6, 1851 (1851-11-06) – August 8, 1863 (1863-08-08)
Chancellor Juan José de Aycinena y Piñol
Preceded by Mariano Rivera Paz
Succeeded by Justo Rufino Barrios
1st President of Guatemala
In office
March 21, 1847 (1847-03-21) – August 17, 1848 (1848-08-17)
Preceded by Inaugural holder
Succeeded by Juan Antonio Martínez
Personal details
Born 24 October 1814(1814-10-24)
Flag of Guatemala (1825-1838) Guatemala City, The Republic of Guatemala
Died 8 August 1863(1863-08-08) (aged 48)
State Flag of Guatemala (1858–1871) Guatemala City, The Republic of Guatemala
Political party conservative
Spouse(s) Petrona Garcia Morales de Carrera
Children José, Francisco, María Mercedes Carrera García
Residence Mataquescuintla, Guatemala City
Occupation Military
Religion Roman Catholic

José Rafael Carrera Turcios (24 October 1814 – 14 April 1865 Guatemala City) was the president of The Republic of Guatemala from 1844 to 1848 and from 1851 until his death, after being appointed President for Life in 1854. Backed by the Catholic Church, conservatives of the Aycinena clan led by Juan José de Aycinena y Piñol, and mestizo and indigenist peasants, he dominated politics in the first three decades of Guatemala's independence more than any other individual. He led the revolt against the liberal state government of Mariano Galvez in Guatemala, and then was instrumental in breaking up the Federal Republic of Central America that the liberals wanted. As a result, once the liberals took over power in Guatemala in 1863, Carrera's character and regime were dismissed and demonized, making him look as an illiterate who could not even write his own name and was a puppet of the aristocrats.