— Imperial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Switzerland
Noricum II
Location of Raetia
(and largest city)
Augusta Vindelicorum (Augsburg)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Helvetica (Lingua Helveticarum)
Religion Roman Polytheism
Ethnic group Helveti
Government Imperial Province
  legislature Governor and Senate of Raetia

A Short History of Raetia

Raetia, though it chose not to join the Senate, was a very civilized and forward Province. It had great development in industry, and held important trade routes through which the Northern Provinces could connect to Italia. Raetia had a Senate and a Governor, but was not a Senatorial Province. Their main ethnic group, the Helveti, were by nature a neutral people. They moved into this area set aside for them without any real objection, and turned it into one of the most respectable provinces in the Empire.

A List of Governors of Raetia

The Armiger Dynasty of the Raetians has governed that province since the reign of Emperor Jacobus

Caelestius Bestia Armiger 1016-1033 (263-280 AD)

Caelestius Bestia Armiger II 1033-1049 (280-296 AD)

Caepio Fructosis Armiger 1049-1062 (296-309 AD)

Caelestius Bestia Armiger III 1062-1078 (309-325 AD)

Globulus Lucro Armiger 1078-1094 (325-341 AD)

Caepio Fructosis Armiger II 1094-1112 (341-359 AD)

Duvianus Opilio Armiger 1112-1137 (359-384 AD)

Caelestius Bestia Armiger IV 1137-1155 (384-402 AD)

Caelestius Besita Armiger V 1155-1172 (402-419 AD)

Caepio Fructosis Armiger III 1172-1198 (419-445 AD)

Vetranio Turibius Armiger 1198-1221 (445-468 AD)


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