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The entire German industry is switched over to the production of the Capital Ships and Submarines that Admiral Raeder's plans demanded. The shipyards in Danzig begin churning out Type XXI U-Boats that will blockade the British Isles, and the main shipyards in Kiel begin construction of the ships for Raeder's "Plan Z" which will cut off Britain from the supplies it needs. A tense calm existed between 1940 and 1943 while the Kreigsmarine and Luftwafe grew and the Royal Navy was whittled down by submarines and air strikes. By the time Rommel's Operation: Desert Strike was ready to eliminate the british colonies, the RN had been reduced to only a shadow of its prewar self, and was unable to resuply british forces in Africa and the Middle East.

It is not long before the British Army garrisons in the Middle East, Africa, and India are overrun, with German Puppet administrations replacing them. This new German Empire causes friction with Italy, leading Musolini to withdraw from the alliance. He is assassinated later that day, leaving a pro-German dictator to rule over Italy. With its colonies cut of and people starving, the British Isles are now open to an invasion. Landing in East Anglia (Having been based in Norway) the elite 6th Army quickly captures London, and Prime Minister Winston Churchil surenders.

With the war now over, Greater Germany may be reformed, but how?

Vegas adict 18:52, August 7, 2010

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