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Reichswehr units throughout occupied Europe attempt to restore order under the command of Field Marshal Rommel. To start, these army units were operating on their own, but after joining up with Raeders Kreigsmarine loyalists, they attempted to bring order to both France and Western Germany. Finally growing tired of the continuing civil war, Raeder agrees to join forces with Admiral Canaris and other Anti-Nazi forces so that they might regain control of central and northern Germany.

Using intelligence gained by Canaris, it is discovered that Himmler is visiting a northern German town to inspect its SS forces. Raeder sees this as an opportunity and orders the Kreigsmarine to eliminate the town and Himmler with it. Although many innocents were killed, Himmler was dead, and one more opponent to Raeder's plans is dead. Finally Berlin is surrounded by Rommel's forces and Hess is forced to surrender as well. Raeder and Canaris were now in control.

Together they formed a new government led by Canaris, but with representatives of the old German political parties. The government is as follows:

  1. Admiral Canaris (Abwehr) - President
  2. Carl Friedrich Goerdeler (DNVP) - Chancellor
  3. Wilhelm Leuschner (SPD) - Vice-Chancellor
  4. Paul Löbe (SPD) - President of the Reichstag
  5. Eugen Bolz (Centre Party) - Minister of the Interior
  6. Friedrich Werner von der Schulenburg - Foreign Minister
  7. Ewald Loeser - Minister of Finance
  8. Friedrich Olbricht (Army) - Minister of War
  9. Hans Oster (Army) - President of the Reichskriegsgericht (military supreme court)
  10. Hans Koch (Confessing Church) - President of the Reichsgericht (supreme court)
  11. Bernhard Letterhaus (Catholic trade unionist) - Reconstruction Minister
  12. Karl Blessing - Minister of Economics or President of the Reichsbank
  13. Paul Lejeune-Jung (DNVP) - Minister of Economics
  14. Andreas Hermes (Centre Party) - Minister of Agriculture
  15. Josef Wirmer (Centre Party) - Minister of Justice
  16. Henning von Tresckow (Army) - Chief of Police

Soon after this Canis re-organised the OKH and OKW into a new flexible organisation with the following structure:

  1. Field Marshal Rommel - Commander in Chief
  2. Admiral Raeder - Commander in Chief Navy
  3. General Manstien - Commander in Chief Army
  4. Air Marshal Von Richtofen - Commander in Chief Air Force

What do Canis and Raeder do next?

Vegas adict 08:47, July 17, 2010

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