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The Kingdom of Croatia was a medieval nation encompassing modern-day Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but due to the extinction of the Trpimirović dynasty OTL, the Hungarian Árpad dynasty claimed the throne and conquered the lands successfully. It came to that due to Demetrius Zvonimir, ban under King Petar Krešimir IV the 'Great' assuming control over the nation by forcing himself, even though Stephen was higher in line of succession. The next step was the death of Zvonimir's son Radovan, who died sometime before 1089 of unknown causes.

The question this timeline wishes to answer is what would have happened if young Radovan didn't die? According to sources, Radovan would have already been fit to rule by 1089 so it's safe to assume that Queen Ilona (Helen or Jelena) wouldn't have called her brother Ladislaus to press any claims.

In conclusion, this TL will try to show what happens when Radovan Reigns.

Point of Divergence

Radovan Trpimirović doesn't die in some period between 1065 and 1089 and rather goes on to succeed his father as King of Croatia. This immediately influences the Hungarian Kingdom as well, because Queen-mother Ilona no longer attempts to bring her brother Ladislaus on the Croatian throne.


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Radovan Reigns
by SkyGreen24
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