Gregorius Radovan
King of Croatia
Reign 1090
Coronation 1090
Predecessor Demetrius Zvonimir
Successor N/A
Spouse Anna Komnenos
Royal House House of Trpimirović
Father Demetrius Zvonimir
Mother Helena
Religion Roman Catholic

Radovan, regnal name Gregorius Radovan I (Croatian: Grgur Radovan, Latin: Gregorius Radouanus) was King of Croatia from 1090 until his death in TBD. He was crowned king in TBD on TBD. His native name is Radovan, while he adopted Gregorius at his coronation.


Little is known about Radovan's early life, except for the fact that he had a health issue he overcame at some point before 1089. It is expected that he was educated in accordance to his father's wishes and it is expected due to his alignment with the Church that he was educated by theologians at some point in his life.




8. Svetoslav Suronja of Croatia
4. Stjepan Svetoslavić
2. Demetrius Zvonimir
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1. Gregorius Radovan I
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10. a lady from the Clan Tátony
3. Helena of Hungary
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