The T90s the Russian Federation's Main Tank Also proves its worth in the war. Its performance is on par with the Leopard 2 and the American M1A2 Abrams.

In 2006 a series of Revolutionary Wars of Islamic Radicalists, managed to take over several Middle East countries. In March 2007, the said countries met and formed the "Middle East Alliance." In 2008, the US warned the UN that the Alliance should be invaded due to the threat it poses due to its leaders. (Mostly Radical Terrorists and other such "degenerates.) By late 2008 the Alliance was already making preparations for war, while the US and IDF forces began to realize what could happen. In December of 2009, the Middle Eastern Alliance attacked US Soldiers in Iraq, and the Middle Eastern Alliance "liberated" Afghanistan. The Middle Eastern Alliance began attacking Israel's IDF forces, and along with US forces near Israel. In 2010 the UN finally intervened after over 15,000 deaths on both sides. In early 2011 the Alliance's Government began rapidly trying to develop their own nuclear weapon. By November 2010, he Alliance was pushed back to Iran and Pakistan, the Alliance used its first and only developed Nuclear Weapon. They detonated it within the Iranian Capital resulting in over 23,000 NATO casualties, and 42,000 US Casualties and 12,050 IDF forces dead. Russia declared war on the Alliance for "Aggression with Nuclear Devices that were a threat to Mother Russia." The Alliance by April 2011 had collapsed. Even though the radicals didn't represent the views of "real" Muslims, the religion was treated with prejudice by many countries to this day due to the war starting with "religious" aspects. By the end of the war the US suffered 72,890 casualties, the NATO forces including some several thousand French and British suffered 27,129 casualties, and the IDF 22,334 casualties. Along with a few thousand Russian casualties, and a believed 120,000 plus casualties for the Middle Eastern Alliance. The US suffered most of its casualties because of inhumane treatment of its POWs. The war cost an estimated ten Billion American Dollars in Damage. The War was known for being extremely costly in its short time. The Middle Eastern Alliance was disbanded, and the UN tried its best to help the devastated region.

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