Welcome to "Race to the Office"! This is a political simulation game where you lead a political party to success in the fictional Republic of Tahkzar! Will your political party be successful? Let's find out and may the best party or parties win!


  • Kaori
  • Rex


  • Names of politicians are restricted to Eastern European, Central Asian, and East Asian names. 
  • Respect mod decisions. 


Tahzkar and Surrounding World

Provinces (14)

Name Capital (Largest City if Different) Ethnic Composition


Qinglongshi Han Chinese
Xinhai Xinhai Han Chinese
Furisaki Japanese
Baehun Korean


Han Chinese


Han Chinese
Beohye Korean


Ulannzahr Buutger Mongolian
Cywmg Polish
Sahalin-Tartovski Russian
Minizka Belarusian
Fahrhun Germanic
Ustrakahan Kazakh

Prefectures (6)

Name Capital (Largest City if Different) Ethnic Composition
Liechzenahr Polsih
Myotargrad Russian
Karakstan Kazakh
Yonghe Korean
Oriska Russian
Tazallosky Polish

Capital District (1)

Name Capital Ethnic Composition
Cy'rzk Metropolitan District Cy'rzk Polish

External Area (1)

Name Capital Ethnic Composition
Solkograd Russian

Political Parties

Everyone's Favorite Girl, Kaori! Kaori


The First Election for the Republic of Tahkzar has begun! The political parties are finalizing their candidates who will be running for seats in parliament (up to 22), President, Vice President, or Prime Minister (up to 1, from among the Seats in Parliament). 

Democratic Socialist Party

  • Chuikov Tsarkovski (42 years old, from Kirillgrad City, Sahalin-Tartovski) (Presidental candidate)
  • Lich Putin (35 years old, from Tuvagrad, Sahalin-Tartovski) (Presidental candidate)
  • Yosoharu Kamigaya (46 years old, from Minamoto-ku, Nagato-shi, Furisaki) (Prime Ministerial candidate)
  • Alisa Bkric (32 years old, from New Kamchatsky, Ryaskograd) (Seat in parliament)
  • Vladimir Zwygn (53 years old, from Cy'rzk, Cy'rzk) (Seat in parliament)
  • Zheng Li-Wei (30 years old, from Xinhai City, Xinhai) (Seat in parliament)

Progressive Party

  • Stanislav Tsarovich (54 years old, from Galichsky, Oriska) (Presidential candidate)
  • Boris Bukha (45 years old, from Tartu, Ulaanzahr) (Presidential candidate)
  • Megetu Osol Tahar (61 years old, from Pors, Cywmg) (Vice-presidential candidate)
  • Ivan Doretsky (49 years old, from Jani, Ryaskograd) (Prime Ministerial candidate)
  • Vladimir Yeremey (36 years old, from Iosefoi, Myotargrad) (Seat in parliament)
  • Gennadiy Charkatotsky (40 years old, from Kirillgrad City, Sahalin-Tartovski) (Seat in parliament)

National Patriotic Party

  • Anar Rasheed Azad (64 years old, from Kirillgrad city, Sahalin-Tartovski) (President Candidate)
  • Rustam Farid Murad (25 years old, from Fallujah, Ulaanzahr) (Presidential Candidate)
  • Firdaus Parviz Gholam (45 years old, Jani, Ryaskograd) (Vice President)
  • Hovhannes Sevan Vahan (35 years old, from Liechengrad, Solkograd) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Yusif Aslan Elnur (52 years old, from Zarhara, Ustrakahan) (Seat in Parliament)

Centrist Coalition

  • Anatasia Nonna Pasternak (25 years old, from Sochi, Miniska) (Prime Ministerial candidate)
  • Semyon Yaroslav Romanov (42 years old,  from Jani, Ryaskograd) (Prime Ministerial candidate)
  • Izydor Mateusz Sokolofsky (30 years old, from Miniska City, Miniska) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Bruno August Broż (50 years old, from Cy'rzk, Cy'rzk) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Aslan Musayevich Lagounov (53 years old, from Suski, Myotargrad) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Yakov Afanasy Maksimov (33 years old,  from Krilligrad City, Sahalin-Tartovski) (Seat in Parliament)

Liberal Party

  • Syuzanna Kostelecky (55 years old, from Roublin, Minizka) (Presidential Candidate)
  • Duong Johor (47 years old, from Galichsky, Oriska) (Vice Presidential Candidate)
  • Jin Yang (52 years old, from Xinhai, Xinhai) (Prime Ministerial Candidate)
  • Ning Liao (30 years old, from Qinglongshe, Lonhe) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Susumu Man (44 years old, from Karabashi, Furisaki) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Aiko Honda (28 years old, from Donae, Baehun) (Seat in Parliament) 
  • Xue Xun (46 years old, from Yong-li, Songliang) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Sang Yang (22 years old, from Qindong, Dongqiao) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Jeong Kim (37 years old, from Tanchon, Beohye) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Nikolai Kovac (43 years old, from Istograd, Ryaskograd) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Nayaga Dologadai (67 years old, from Buutger, Ulannzahr) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Krysia Sniegowski (34 years old, from Eligiusz, Cywmg) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Taras Lagunov (63  years old, Tuvagrad, Sahalin-Tartovski) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Mefodiy Markov (54 years old, from Kostrorgut, Minizka) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Hans-Lucas Fritterman (65 years old, from Kaiserschwann, Fahrhun) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Aiman Nurzhan (25 years old, from Inzhu, Ustrakahan) (Seat in Parliament)
  • Dominika Wyrzyk (48 years old, from Kacper, Liechzenahr) (Seat in Parliament)