Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín (March 12, 1927 - March 31, 2009) was a Liberal Democratic Argentinean politician who served as Senior Director of Civilian Affairs in the Emergency Wartime Government of Argentina and as the acting President of Argentina between the dissolution of the Presidential Committee on September 1, 1987 and the inauguration of his democratically elected successor, Antonio Cafiero, on May 1, 1988. His eight month term was mostly dedicated to the wind-down from the end of the Brazilian War, handling the ensuing economic postwar crisis, the crafting of a new Constitution (ratified December 4 of 1987, enacted January 1, 1988) and rebuilding the party structure of the Party for Liberal Democracy. Despite his initial popularity, he narrowly lost the 1988 Argentinean Presidential election to Antonio Cafiero in the second round by less than one percent. In 1990, he was elected Senator for San Luis Province, having moved there after leaving office, and served as Senator until his death in 2009.

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