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REMUNDO (Red Mundial de Communicacion) or the Internet, as it's known in the Anglosphere, is a communication network that was first tested in 1995, after the first e-mail was sent from Buenos Aires to Santiago. Since 2004, the South American Confederation and ANZC have been advancing the technology by leaps and bounds. Most scientists predict that REMUNDO will be a significant tool for social use within 10-15, maybe 20 years at the most. REM is primarily used in the ANZC, SAC, Celtic Alliance, Canada and a few European states with various message boards and a few news related websites. The current speeds top out at 36-47 kilobytes per second.


Post-Doomsday Situation (2009-Present)

Most of South America is connected by REM Lines as of 2015. Mostly Universities and some schools and libraries are using REMUNDO technology. A few businesses in Brazil are starting to take advantage of the new form of communication. The Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand has started to use REM Lines for government use, although the civilian branch is slowly growing, much like their SAC counterparts.

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