Republic of Qullasuyu
Timeline: Alexandra, a new continent
MPLLDQ flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Iki Iki
Language Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Mapudungun
Religion None
Demonym Qullaruna
Government Semi-Presidential Socialist Republic
Premier Antayr Condor
Currency Sol

Qullasuyu is a country in southern Alexandra. It's a member of the Comintern and member of the Alianza de los Libertadores. It borders with Kuzco and Antisuyu in the north, with La Plata on the east, and with the Wallmapu and Puelmapu on the south.


The Qullasuyu was part of the Tawantinsuyu, also known as the Inca Empire. During the Scramble for Alexandra, the Spanish, German and Portuguese took over the Empire, separated it, and transformed it into their colonies. In this case, Qullasuyu was part of the Protectorado Incaico, a puppet kingdom of the Spanish crown.

In 1882, problems arised when a group of miners from the area of Kalama and Chukiikamata were massacred by Colonial Spanish troops, leading to calls by the population to expel the Spanish administration. Eventually, a group called Los 400, formed by european criollos, mestizos, alexandran natives and slaves who were tired of the Spanish Administration, led the first war against the Spanish and Kuzkenian royalist, called the Spring Revolution of 1887. Qullasuyu gained its independence from Kuzko and Spain on 20 of September of 1890.


Qullasuyu's terrain is varied, ranging from arid deserts in the north and center areas, and a mediterranean climate in the southern part.


The current constitution defines Qullasuyu as a Semi-presidential republic. Although the legislature establishes that the country uses a multi-party system, currently most if not all of the government offices are controlled by Libertadores members.

The Premier is the Head of State. Every eight years elections are held to select a Premier, who is selected from the Supreme Council members.

The Secretary of State is the Head of Government, and is selected by the Supreme Supreme Council.

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