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Quincy William Percival Love (April 8, 1802 - December 19, 1856) was an American soldier and politician best known for his command of American forces in Texas during the American-Mexican War, most notably the American offensives in what would be Texas in 1842 and 1843. A cerebral and uncompromising warrior, Love took over the 2nd Army following the Battle of Covenant and pushed Mexicans out of American and Texian territory. After the war, Love was made a US Senator for his native Tennessee, and he died in Washington, D.C. in 1856 from pneumonia. Love, though he had grown up in a slaveholding family, was a rare advocate for a gradual manumission of slaves in the South, stating that he believed neither abolition nor a perpetuation of slavery was a workable option. His so-called "Love Plan" eventually influenced the Compromise of 1868, leading to some historians to call Love "one of America's most important leaders to be forgotten."

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