Sonja Viola I Ling the Acceptable of Denmark and Southern Sweden
Timeline: Sino-Roman
Grandfather: Grandmother: Grandfather: Grandmother:
Emanuel Laursen oo Queen Petra Ling Mathias Lund oo Hanna Lund
Father: Mother:
King Fritjof Ling oo Elisabet Ling

Queen Sonja Viola Ling (born May 20 1940) is the Queen of Denmark and Southern Sweden. She succeeded to the throne of Denmark and Southern Sweden upon the death of her brother King Kaj XI Ling on September 20 1996. The daughter of the then Crown Prince Frijof Ling and of Princess Elisabet Ling of Denmark and Southern Sweden, Sonja Viola was born at the Crown Prince Residence at Goteburg.

Queen Sonja Viola Ling is the formal head of the Church of Denmark and Southern Sweden and the Danish and Southern Swedish Armed Forces. As she is the great-daughter of King Stew Ackart, she is also in the line of succession to the English and Welsh throne. She is a second cousin to Queen Shari Louis Ackart.

Queen Sonja Viola Ling has two sisters, Princess Agnes, Mrs. Yde (born 1952), living in Central South America, and Princess Ellinor, Mrs. Jensen (born 1960), living in Oslo.

Emanuel Laursen m. Queen Petra Ling                   Mathias Lund m. Hanna Lund
(1891-2007)     |  (1891-1968)                        (1891-1998)  |  (1875-1972)             
                |_________________________________________________ | ___________________
                |              |                                   |                    |
King Digby IIX Ling       King Fritjof Ling             m.     Princess Elisabet Ling  Carl Ling
(1908-1986)               (1922-1995)                   |      (1908-2007)             (1922-1988)
         |                                                               |                                   |           |
King Kaj XI Ling  Carl Larsen m. Queen Sonja Viola I Ling the Acceptable of Denmark and Southern Sweden  Agnes Yde  Ellinor Jensen
(1939-1996)       (1955)      |  (1940)                                                                  (1952)     (1960)
     |                          |
Princess Viola Ling  Prince Christoffer Ling
(1979) |             (1979)
       |                 |
Göran Ling           Sandra Ling
(1998)               (1998)

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