Timeline: Battle of Belusium

Queen of Egyptian Empire
2012 – present

Predecessor Queen Husun
Successor Incumbent
Born 22 March 1992 (aged 22)
New Memphis, Australia, Egyptian Empire
Spouse Seti XIV (Battle of Belusium)
Father Ling Xang
Mother Zialin Xang
Issue Queen Sakhmet
Religion Kemetism
Queen Sakhmet, born Lien Xang, is the Queen of the Egyptian Empire, and the wife of Pharaoh Seti XIV.  She is Chinese-Egyptian, and the first to be Queen of Egypt.

Early Life

Lien Xang was born in New Memphis, in the Egyptian colony of Australia.  Her parents immigrated to Egypt before she was born, since her father was a naval officer.  By Egyptian law, since she was born in the Empire,  Xang was an Egyptian citizen.  When she was young, Xang's family converted to Kemetism, adopted Nepthys as their patron deity.

Xang grew up in New Memphis, where she attended school.  Her father, as a military officer, managed to get her into the Academy of Psamtik XV.  While there, she studied history, and politics.  

Relationship with Prince Seti

Xang met Prince Seti at the Academy.  The two dated for an extended period of time, though they did not confirm it initially.  There was a brief breakup, before the two reconciled.

After the assassination of Pharaoh Horemheb, and Seti's ascension to the throne, the two briefly separated, though they later rekindled their relationship.  Shortly after, they publicly revealed their relationship.  Seti formally proposed to Xang in Memphis, to which she accepted.  The proposal received mass jubilation throughout the Egyptian Empire, and in Egyptian allied countries, particularly in the Chinese Empire.  


Xang and Seti formally wedded in the city of Karnak, in the temple of Set.  Invitations were sent out all over the world to foreign dignitaries.  The wedding was attended by the Emperor of China, the King of the Norse, the Procunsul of Rome, and the Tsar of Russia.

Upon the union, Xang took the name Sakhmet, and became Queen of the Egyptian Empire.

Reign as Queen

Royal Duties

As Queen of the Egyptian Empire, Sakhmet often engaged in political happenings, traveling in and out of Egypt as a foreign representative.


In January, 2012, Sakhmet formally announced her pregnancy with Seti.  The two had an ultrasound in the Imperial Hospital, confirming the baby's health.  They did not reveal the baby's gender.

On September 12, 2012, Sakhmet gave birth to a healthy baby boy, also in the Imperial Hospital.  The next day, it was formally announced that the baby's name was Sesostris.  A Chinese name was also given to him: He-ping Jin.