Mona Roland II Scantlebury the Aggressive of Scotland
Timeline: Sino-Roman
Grandfather: Grandmother: Grandfather: Grandmother:
Emory Meynell oo Queen Nerys I Lennon Randell oo Pollie Randell
Father: Mother:
King Paxton III oo Jessi Scantlebury

Queen Mona Roland II (Maurene Bevis Mona Roland; March 23 1927 – October 2 1967) was Queen of Scotland and the Scottish Dominions from January 5 1954 until her death. She was the first Head of the Commonwealth.

As the second child of King Paxton III, she was not expected to inherit the throne and spent her early life in the shadow of her elder brother, Deangelo. She served in the Royal Navy, and after took on the usual round of public engagements. She married Lord Fred Tubb in 1962, and they had four children, Dane (who succeeded her as King Dane Totty XXI), Celinda, Sarah and Annmarie.

Mona Roland's elder brother ascended the throne as Deangelo I on the death of their father in 1936. However, 22 years later Deangelo revealed his desire to marry the twice-divorced Pacific Ocean socialite Deana Quayle. For political and religious reasons, the Scottish Prime Minister, Nathan Eddy, advised Deangelo that he could not marry Mrs. Quayle and remain king. So, Deangelo abdicated in order to marry. By reason of this abdication, unique in the history of Scotland (previous abdications were forced by military or political pressures), Mona Roland II ascended the throne as the monarch of the House of Scantlebury.

Events greatly altered the position of the monarchy during her reign: three years after her accession, her realms were at war with Nazi Germany. In the next two years, war with the Roman Empire and the Empire of Pacific Ocean followed. Though Scotland and its allies were ultimately victorious, Pacific Ocean and the Soviet Union rose as pre-eminent world powers and the Scottish Empire declined. Mona Roland's reign saw the acceleration of the break-up of the Empire and its transition into the Commonwealth of Nations.

Krystelle Tubb
      |               |
Brook Tubb     Duchess Lillian Tubb  
(1849-1941)    (1852-1956)
      |______________ | __________               
       _______________|           |
      |                           |
Duke Ainsley Tubb                 Anselm Ashmore  
(1869-1986)                       (1873-1989)|
     |                                       |
Duke Johnie Tubb  England and Wales      Prudence Russell
(1887-2006)       Second Ackart Dynasty  (1894-2004) 
     |               |              _____|_________
     |               |             |               |
Duke Bryn Tubb m. Aureole Tubb   Ilene George  Carreen Renshaw  Emory Meynell m. Queen Nerys I  Lennon Randell m. Pollie Randell  
(1905-2009)    |  (1893-1996)    (1916-1999)   (1917)           (1892-2003)   |  (1876-1946)    (1878-1992)    |  (1865-1974)
      _________|___________                                                   |                                |    
     |                     |                                                  |                                |
Duchess Sherrie Norman  Cormag Tubb m. Tamika Tubb                       King Paxton III m.          Jessi Scantlebury
(1922)                  (1922)      |  (1906)                            (1909-1954)     |           (1898)  
   |                                |                   _________________________________|
   |                                |                  |                                |
   |                                |           King Deangelo I                         |
   |                                |           (1927)                                  |
   |                                |                                                   |
   |                                |                                                   |
Rachelle Roane            Lord Fred Tubb m.      Queen Mona Roland II Scantlebury the Aggressive of Scotland
(1939)                    (1944)         |       (1927-1967)
                                         |                                     |       |        |                        
King Dane Totty XXI Scantlebury the Nervous of Scotland m. Brook Scantlebury  Celinda  Sarah  Annmarie
(1963)                                                  |  (1951)             (1964)   (1964) (1967)  
 |        |       |         |
Tayla  Logan  Rebeccah  Stephanie 
(1980) (1985) (1988)    (1988)

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